Cannalife Pleasure Oil

The Summer 100 has launched into the second round. I am still working on a piece to fit the theme of oral sex but still have time. I have revamped my Summer 100 plans a bit but am excited to get this review out! I am excited to start sharing some of the pieces on oral sex from the other participants but te past few weeks I enjoyed reading Isabelle Lauren’s Don’t Lose Your Writers Voice as well as Carly’s awesome aphrodisiac piece titled Filthy F*cking foods for Summer. I suggest you read both! Later this week will be a … Continue reading Cannalife Pleasure Oil

Summer 100 – Tools & Tricks

This is my 5th post in the Summer 100 Challenge. We are still in the first round and I am on track! I continue to learn about my fellow participants and continue to work on some organizational aspects of my blog. This isn’t typical sex blog content but writing this post has also assisted in tweaking these tools to the right fit for me. Want to learn more about the Summer 100 Challenge? Check out the guestbook over on Pretty Pink Lotus Bud or read Isabelle’s round 1 round up to check out some of the other awesome bloggers participating. Go … Continue reading Summer 100 – Tools & Tricks