Eliminating Shame – Masturbation May

Masturbation May is half over already! I have seen some exciting posts from other bloggers about the fun they are having to celebrate, the struggles they have had in the past, and reflection on what Masturbation May means to them. I will close out this post with a few links to some awesome pieces on masturbation and what it means to them. I have another post drafted around the story of my masturbatory evolution and how it ties into being body positive but have been working on the confidence to post it. Starting with an explanation of what this month … Continue reading Eliminating Shame – Masturbation May

SOSS – Share Our Shit Sunday # 1

Writing hasn’t been coming easily to me lately. I have brainstormed several post ideas, have been testing some new toys, and just trying to manage some stress. Today’s post is being written with excitement regardless of how long it ends up being. While managing my stress I have been consuming a lot of other peoples content and wanted to encourage you to check out new creators regularly! It is Sunday, not Saturday but I think sharing each others work is great any chance we get. There are two events that I want to start my SOSS posts with after a … Continue reading SOSS – Share Our Shit Sunday # 1

Vulnerability – My Playground 2018 Reflections

Vulnerability is a difficult thing for most people. Whether we are carrying past baggage or not, opening up to those close to us about difficult topics is one thing.  Opening yourself up to a group of strangers – that takes amazing amounts of courage. February 23rd through 25th I attended Playground in Toronto and I was surrounded by so many amazing people. Each and every session offered was full of vulnerability. People talked about their lives in such a real manner that I was honoured to be listening to the struggles and triumphs of these people. Here is my Playground … Continue reading Vulnerability – My Playground 2018 Reflections