I am a vanilla chocolate twist ice cream while my hubby is pure vanilla. The comparison of ice cream to sexy-time preferences has been around for ages, so have relationships between people that have a vast range of different preferences. Love sometimes challenges us in ways that require compromise, patience, and understanding. My husband has always been supportive of my sexual exploration whether it be toys, lubes, or different techniques but I always felt not trying to include him wasn’t fair. I communicate many of my desires while respecting his boundaries and desires. I encourage him to try new things … Continue reading Connecting

Sunday Summary # 2

Managing all of life’s ups and downs has been difficult for me lately. I feel that things are finally coming together, start setting goals and investing more time in my self and blog. It feels great but then something else happens that sends me into a tailspin and my blog seems to be the first thing to suffer. I had signed up for the Summer 100 Challenge and disappeared once some other things were getting difficult. I am back and have started building my blog into my self-care routines. Maybe not multiple posts a week but I am aiming for … Continue reading Sunday Summary # 2

Midnight Musings

I haven’t posted in a while. So why not an impromptu blog post with minimal editing? My recent struggles have been surrounding fitting in. After realizing my coping mechanisms were failing and my defense mechanisms were strongly succeeding, I knew I had to do some reflecting and make some changes. This weekend I have excitedly read everyone’s posts from Woodhull wishing I had the courage and success to attend such an event. I have been working on a piece for a long time about how feelings of not fitting in (whether rational or not) can really hinder a person’s life. … Continue reading Midnight Musings

Sunday Summary #1

Sundays are a ritual of preparing for the coming week in my life. Sunday consists of meal planning and grocery shopping; laundry and cleaning; and various other tasks for the upcoming week. I always try to work in some time for relaxation and am trying to also work in some time for reflection. I don’t often sit and think about how the last week has gone. I don’t consider what I could do differently the next week based on what went well and what didn’t go so well the previous week. My life is undergoing large changes so introducing some … Continue reading Sunday Summary #1

Summer 100 Challenge

I saw a tweet from another blogger about a Summer 100 Challenge for Sex Bloggers which sparked immediate interest. I took a look at Lotus Bud’s post and although interested I was hesitant. I couldn’t possibly write 100 posts in 3 months! I kept coming back and reading more. Despite being terrified I signed up and decided to make the challenge fit me. For any bloggers interested check out the link above and join us! My home internet shit the bed for the first week of this challenge so I am behind but happy to join in and read what everyone … Continue reading Summer 100 Challenge

Struggling & What’s to come…

Lately I have been struggling. Life has been stressful and overwhelming. Self-care and fun tasks have disappeared and I have really just been surviving, not thriving. I have written, edited, and rewritten this post but need to push forward and get it out there. It’s time to get things on track. Life gets in the way sometimes and that is okay. Another blogger recently voiced that no one is reading their work which gave me the push to get this posted tonight. It was a reminder to keep writing because I enjoy it, not just for readership. It was a reminder … Continue reading Struggling & What’s to come…

Take care of YOU

I’ve been in bed sick for the last two and a half days feeling guilty for all the things I “should” be doing. Trying to build a blog with at least weekly posts isn’t exactly successful if in your second week of said plan…you don’t post! I have brainstormed ideas for this week’s post and started writing for a few of those ideas but this sickness has left me brain dead. I’ve spent a lot of time lately reminding myself that I need to be a priority so today it stuck me… why not write about self-care?! Self-care means something … Continue reading Take care of YOU