Summer 100 – Tools & Tricks

This is my 5th post in the Summer 100 Challenge. We are still in the first round and I am on track! I continue to learn about my fellow participants and continue to work on some organizational aspects of my blog. This isn’t typical sex blog content but writing this post has also assisted in tweaking these tools to the right fit for me. Want to learn more about the Summer 100 Challenge? Check out the guestbook over on Pretty Pink Lotus Bud or read Isabelle’s round 1 round up to check out some of the other awesome bloggers participating. Go … Continue reading Summer 100 – Tools & Tricks

Eliminating Shame – Masturbation May

Masturbation May is half over already! I have seen some exciting posts from other bloggers about the fun they are having to celebrate, the struggles they have had in the past, and reflection on what Masturbation May means to them. I will close out this post with a few links to some awesome pieces on masturbation and what it means to them. I have another post drafted around the story of my masturbatory evolution and how it ties into being body positive but have been working on the confidence to post it. Starting with an explanation of what this month … Continue reading Eliminating Shame – Masturbation May