Paloqueth – Rabbit Vibrator

I am finally done with my move and starting to settle into the new place. I forgetfully packed this toy before taking photos and have finally unearthed it from the never ending boxes to get this review posted! Rabbit vibes … Continue reading Paloqueth – Rabbit Vibrator

Cannalife Pleasure Oil

The Summer 100 has launched into the second round. I am still working on a piece to fit the theme of oral sex but still have time. I have revamped my Summer 100 plans a bit but am excited to get this review out! I am excited to start sharing some of the pieces on oral sex from the other participants but te past few weeks I enjoyed reading Isabelle Lauren’s Don’t Lose Your Writers Voice as well as Carly’s awesome aphrodisiac piece titled Filthy F*cking foods for Summer. I suggest you read both! Later this week will be a … Continue reading Cannalife Pleasure Oil