About Me

Administrative extraordinaire by day and product junkie by night. Life was mundane and I had always wanted to blog to share my opinions on the products I was trying out so here I am. I am not made of money so want to ensure I am spending my money on good quality products so often lean on bloggers and online reviews to help guide me in making purchase decisions. My Messy Room is a compilation of reviews and other content that allows me to share my opinions whether good or bad to help the readers make educated purchases as well. I strive to constantly keep learning so hope we can learn from each other.

Although the sex toys and products were my ultimate goal, I also enjoy reviewing recipes, books, and other products or services that I come across. I am part of several review programs such as BzzAgent and ChickAdvisor. Although these programs have hooked me up with some great #gotitfree products I mainly review other products on my own. I also needed to get my feet wet before jumping in and writing about something as personal as sex toys! My Messy Room will continue to reflect several of my interests and cover a wide range of topics and products. I am to have a little something for everyone so please take a look around.

The Nightstand  section is where you should head if you are looking for sex toy or product reviews. These are my favorite to test and write. I am currently working on creating a list of contents in my Nightstand with links to items that I have reviewed.

The Notebook  section is where you will find writing pieces that are not structured around a review. These are sometimes just my own ramblings. I am currently working on a post about what sex positive means to me.

The other categories are pretty self-explanatory. Make up and Travel etc. are home to those types of reviews. I am always testing new recipes and products for content in this category. I also write a “Stay, Play, Try & Fly” feature that I centre on trips I have taken. Last year I went to Panama so wrote about my trip, the services I received, and the products I took along. This year I am going to Cuba in May so keep an eye out for these posts!

I am open minded to trying new things and learning about a variety of topics. If there is a topic you would like me to write about or a product you’d like my opinion on, shoot me an email amessofreviews @ gmail.com. I am open to ideas and collaboration so reach out!

My family, friends, and coworkers do not know about this side project so anonymity is important to me. I ask that you respect that and if you come across my legal name do not use it as a whole. So to not give too much away – I am a 30-something married cis female living in the greater Toronto area. As an ambivert I embrace my introverted hobbies such as Perler beads, video games, and reading. I also enjoy the occasional social gathering imbibing in boozy beverages. Beers in a pub are more to my liking than a club. I can be loud and obnoxious or quiet and reserved depending on my comfort level and have an awful case of bitchy resting face. I laugh loudly and enjoy being surrounded by people who also laugh a lot.  I would love to join a book club, be more physically active, attend some sex blogger events, and one day visit a sex club. I love food of all cultures and would love to learn to cook more ethnic dishes.