Bestvibe Mermaid

When Bestvibe contacted me about reviewing one of their products I was reluctant at first. Although I am still purchasing new toys I haven’t been reviewing any new toys. It has been far too long since I have posted a review and figured why the hell not jump back in? So here I am in a very different place than when I last posted. Here I am dusting off the cobwebs and sharing a new review.

The Bestvibe Mermaid is my first triple stimulating toy. There is a small thin arm  for anal stimulation, a larger fuller arm for vaginal stimulation, and a ribbed circular spot for clitoral stimulation. The arm offering anal stimulation has a motor inside the slightly bulbous tip that is slightly ribbed however is still quiet small making it less intimidating for beginners. The vaginal arm also contains a motor but is longer and thicker with a curved tip for g-spot stimulation. The base is shaped to support the toy from your ass to your clit with the ribber area resting part way up your vulva. This part also contains a motor. These motors provide 9 different settings. The entire toy is covered in soft blue silicone with a button on the bottom of the base and claims to be waterproof. A remote also comes with this toy claiming to allow discreet fun anywhere. The mermaid runs for about $39.99 and shipping was discreet.

Going into testing I was excited and hopeful that the triple stimulation would be great. I was also skeptical that the positioning would match my anatomy and work its magic. I lubed it up and inserted both the internal arms with relative ease but then learned that the remote did not work. Controlling the toy with the button on the base while inserted is not an easy task but is manageable. I took my time cycling through the settings trying to pin point where I could feel the sensations. As with most toys some settings were pleasurable and others were just meh. I spent some time maneuvering the position of the toy to change where these stimulation points hit to better suit my needs and again some positions were pleasurable and some were meh. The right mix of position and setting was quite good. I was able to continue getting aroused and the pleasure kept building. It was a more gentle stimulation than needed to get me off however. I was not able to reach orgasm regardless of position and setting. I had to bring in other toys or get hands on.

The motors were quiet enough that the toy could be used discreetly but without the remote this is not something that I could test out. If the remote was working it would have made it easier to switch between settings but wouldn’t have made this toy a better fit for me. I love the thought of a great wearable but find many just don’t hit the right spots. The appeal of being tortured and teased while out for dinner or drinks sounds like a great start to a sexy night to me.

This toy was easy to charge with a USB charger and kept its battery life for quite a while. I can’t comment on the battery life of the remote since mine didn’t work from the get go.The mermaid was also easy to clean except for the space between the arm inserted into the vagina and the base. This space is quite deep and collected lube and other fluids. I didn’t feel I could guarantee this space was ever fully cleaned.

Overall this toy wasn’t for me but it does live up to it’s claim of being beginner friendly. I would prefer more girth to the insertable arms and more adjustable positions. This toy would be great for someone wanting to dip their toes into dp. The insertable arms are both small and not intimidating for those just starting to experiment with this sensation. The price point also makes it an affordable option if just wanting to test the waters.

Thank you Bestvibe for encouraging me to get back into the game and sending me this toy to review. If you are interested in getting your hands on a mermaid you can find it here.

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