2018 Recap

2018 was a blur. The last half of the year brought a lot of change and I hope that 2019 will be a little lower key. I moved, my MIL was moved to long term care, I started a new job, and my mental health was a roller coaster. Upward and onward for 2019!

Here is a short wrap up of my favourite items, most popular posts, and the highlights of last year!

Biggest highlight – In February I attended Playground in Toronto which was a large goal for me. I was able to connect with and meet some great educators, writers, reviewers, and sex positive people. I was able to learn about negotiating fantasies, squirting, preparing for death in a relationships, and so many other topics. It has been announced that Playground will not be happening in 2019 which is too bad but encourages me to try to make it out to another event.

Summer 100 – For the second year I participated in the Summer 100. Again I didn’t get as many posts up as I wanted but it was a great chance to discover some new bloggers, catch up with previous years participants, and have fun while doing so. I enjoy the challenge each year because it encourages me help lift the voices of others. Check out the guestbook containing links to many of the posts here.

Best month – December brought my highest amount of visitors even though there were minimal posts.

Traffic increased in 2018 more than I could have thought possible. I not only doubled but increased the visitors and views of my blog by about 4 times that of 2017. People from more than 60 countries have taken the time to read which is exciting. It has been exciting to see these stats climb and adds a bit more pressure to step up my game and post more often.

Most views – the spots for most viewed posts are dominated by Satisfyer reviews again despite not having reviewed their items in a while. It isn’t surprising because many people wind up visiting my blog by searching for Satisfyer tips. What is surprising for me is how many views my Paloqueth reviews have received. The top 5 posts of 2018 were:

Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit

Satisfyer Pro Penguin – Next Gen

Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator

Paloqueth Lube Launcher

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

My favourite post – My favourite post from this year is Eliminating Shame – Masturbation May. If you’ve watched Big Mouth – the Shame Wizard is a nasty creature that can really effect how we feel about ourselves. I have been trying to recognize and conquer my own shame wizard and as someone who writes about sex I hope to help others decrease any shame around masturbation and sex.

My favourite new Nighstand items – My Nightstand has overflowed and now also consists of a duffle bag in the closet but I will be getting some Alex drawers from Ikea to get everything back in one location. Although I have some items always in heavy rotation such as my We-Vibe Tango I have some favourite new additions as well

nJoy Pure Plug medium is my favourite butt plug for longer wear. I wear it to clean the house or even when heading out for a bit. 

b-vibe Triplet is my favourite vibrating plug hands down. Although I don’t wear it around the house or out and about it offers a fun time every time. 

Tantus Acute has been my go to dildo since I got it. Hello squirting and no cervix smashing! 

Tantus Echo Handle has opened my eyes to Tantus’ handle collection. I love their products and handles make use much easier! I still need to write a review for it! 

Weal & Breach nipple clamps in bloodwood are the most beautiful and wonderful nipple clamps I own. My one and only purchase while at Playground and now I can’t wait to get my hands on a matching paddle sometime soon! 

2019 will continue to be full of change and I am still working out how some of that change will affect my blog. I work full time, volunteer, and plan to start a family soon. I need to consider what aspects of my life I am willing to write about – especially knowing that some friends have started reading. This year I am participating in a reading challenge so depending on which sex ed or sex related books I can squeeze in there may be some more book reviews this year.

I have been working on a few reviews and informative pieces so look forward to getting those up. I waited until mid-month for this post to allow me a bit more time to get things polished. Next post should be up in about 2 weeks’ time and then back to more consistent posts! 

Thank you to everyone for making 2018 a great year for me! I couldn’t have done it without the support of such great readers and companies. Let’s make 2019 amazing!


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