Love Honey Bumper Booty Bundle

Lately I have been working on a few pieces that are more informative and not just reviews for the New Year. One of these pieces is Anal 101 so when selecting a Love Honey item to review I wanted to go back to basics. I wanted to select something that would aid me in writing the piece by trying out some beginner level items but still enjoying the products. Before I get started, anal toys don’t make me orgasm on their own. They are an enhancement to other stimulation to do so. When reading this review please keep in mind that many of these items are used to experience increased pleasure – an orgasm does not have to always be a part of pleasure.

The Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit offers a starter collection of anal products including a butt plug, a vibrating plug, vibrating beads, vibrating prostate massager, and an anal douche. A battery powered bullet is also included that is inserted into the items that vibrate. The items come in a brightly coloured box displaying the products. Each item is tucked into a plastic form and the bullet vibe is inside the vibrating plug. The simple box and plastic form were quickly tossed into the recycling but still present the kit in an attractive manner. Each item is submersible, constructed of mainly black silicone, and contain no phthalates. Black is a great colour for anal beginners because it helps hide any residue which is reality with anal play. Each item is easy to clean with hot soapy water. The only thing that I would love to see added to the kit is lube. Lube is a MUST for all anal play and would provide an all-inclusive anal play set.

Here are my thoughts on each piece:

20181208_123950.jpgButt Plug – This simple plug is made of black silicone and is the only non-vibrating toy in the kit. A small plug is a great place to start when exploring anal. The size of this plug will not intimidate first time users and will also satisfy those that enjoy smaller silicone plugs. This plug can be easily inserted with a few drops of lube and can be worn while going about your day or while engaging in other sexual activities. This plug is small but will still draw your attention to the increased sensation as you move with it in.

20181208_124015Vibrating Plug – This was my least favourite item of the kit. I didn’t like how the base because it wasn’t comfortable to sit with while inserted. It also resulted in the bullet being turned on randomly. I did test it with the battery removed but as mentioned above the base didn’t sit well to wear as I would any other plug. Using the plug while not sitting was pleasurable and would be a good step up from the non-vibrating plug and also introduces the sensation of vibration.

20181208_124009.jpgVibrating Prostate Massager – Even though I don’t have a prostate I enjoyed this toy. Similar to the vibrating plug sitting was tricky as the toy gets turned on and off as you move but the base sat a bit better. The base of this toy is narrower than the base of the vibrating plug which makes it more comfortable for wear. The angle of this toys curve really worked for me when combined with clit stim. The size isn’t intimidating and it was easy to insert appealing to beginners as well.

20181208_124036.jpgVibrating Beads – These are a toy for a slightly more advanced user. This is the longest item in kit and being shortened a bit would improve it for me. Like the other toys the beads insert easily but become uncomfortable for me before they are fully inserted. For those that find they enjoy length or those exploring using larger toys anally – this item is a good starting point. It creates a full feeling and once you’ve moved on to bigger could use these beads as warm up.

20181208_124048(1).jpgAnal Douche – This item is the least beginner friendly of the kit. Some might be intimidated by the thought of using an anal douche and may pass on the kit because of this item. The thin tip is easily inserted making use very easy and not intimidating which is important to first time users. Don’t be intimidated – even if you don’t use the douche the kit could be worth exploring based on the variety of sensations offered.

Bullet vibe – The bullet is make or break for these types of kits and this one was okay but could use a bit of work. It was a classic case of rumble vs buzz. There also wasn’t a power level that made me purr. The bullet slides into the base of the toys and can be tricky to get out to swap toys. A few drops of lube were helpful.

Overall this is a great anal basics set that I would suggest to those looking to explore anal play on their own or with a partner. The variety of items and the price point of about $65 make it worth purchasing as it offers a variety of sizes and sensations pleasing beginners and more experienced alike. You can pick up your own Love Honey Bumper Booty set or another anal toy here.

This will likely be my last review as well as my second last post of the year. I will write a year end wrap up to post around Christmas but will be taking a small break to get a bit more settled at home as well as to start putting some plans in place for the new year.


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