SOSS # 3

It is the time of year that we start thinking about our own accomplishments and recognizing others accomplishments. I wanted to focus this SOSS post on pieces I have gained something from recently that relate to community, pieces by those who have made me feel a part of the community, and pieces by those who help create events and spaces for the blogger community. I have formatted this SOSS differently to try something new. Separating each person wasn’t going to work. I have linked to lots of amazing people so check them out! I hope you enjoy these people and pieces as much as I do.

Community, Cliques, and Making Friends by Floss was my push to get this post up. I have been saving a list of links to include in an SOSS post or to reread and comment on. I am guilty of reading something, liking it, and then not sharing or commenting. If you are looking for some ways to get involved in the blogger community you will find great suggestions in this piece. Floss also hosts the #ProudToBeKinky podcast so make sure you check it out!  Thank you for the reminder to better support my fellow bloggers and to continue to focus on community building!

Community is something I struggle with on a daily basis and is something I strive to improve on. I have a hard time starting conversations and am not a joiner – unless invited. I am awkward and have been reminded of it since I was small. At Playground this year I tried to step out of that. I approached others that I wanted to meet (Bex, Sex Positive Psych, Jo Ellen, Kenton), I invited someone to join me at Sex Ed A Go Go, and I was relieved when some other introverts sat beside me in sessions (Kate). I am anonymous so it was nice to have zero expectations of people knowing who I was. It gave me permission to be a wallflower and stay in my comfort zone but step out on my own terms. Those I met most likely have no recollection of me – and that’s okay! I hope to attend a few more conferences and events to continue to meet those whose work I follow as well as to expand and build my community.

I met Taylor briefly at Playground and they are someone who is always trying to help lift the voices of others. Taylor is just as welcoming in person as online. Recently seen on their twitter were tweets seeking feedback on ways established bloggers can help new bloggers out. If you would like to share your ideas or if you’d like to learn about some new bloggers visit Feisty Fox Films. Each month a new blogger is featured, here is the link the September spotlight featuring Pleasure Connoisseurs.

Recently on twitter was also a thread by K-Ghislaine asking others to add bloggers they know and love to the thread. I love seeing threads like this because I always find new people to follow. You can take a look at that thread here and discover a few new bloggers yourself.

Finally, with the Kinkly Best Bloggers of 2018 opening up for nominations this week there will be some bloggers excited (and anxious) to being voted for. We all offer something unique and that in itself is something to celebrate. These types of lists help lift bloggers voices so please head over and vote for me and your favourite bloggers today.

I have spent my week catching up on a few older posts and visiting new people. I hope you have found a new person to visit or even revisited an older piece you’ve been meaning to comment on.

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