Sliquid – Silver

Welcome to my first mini review. This category will be saved for products that don’t require in-depth reviews and cut to the chase providing product information and my thoughts.

Sliquid is a lubricant brand known for not containing ingredients such as parabens or glycerin. Sliquid Silver is their rich silicone based lube. The blend of pharmaceutical silicones is also vegan friendly. Sliquid products come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5ml sample packets to larger bottles. The packets are great for travelling or to pop in your safe sex kit. The bottles have a sturdy pop-top and make a great addition to your night stand. Personally I end up dripping lube down my bottles so I like to give them a quick wipe down while putting them away. I first got my hands on a Naturals Lube Cube which allowed me to sample several flavours and types before committing to purchasing a full size bottle. Silver was part of these samples and was the first type that I ran out of. The other types included will see mini reviews in time but I couldn’t wait any longer to post the mini review for the Silver.

Sliquid Silver has become my go to lube for anal activities. It is rich and long lasting meaning reapplying isn’t required as frequently as water based lubes. It is also great for longer sessions. When it does need to be reapplied it doesn’t have a sticky texture or clump which makes use with a partner more comfy. After clean up with warm water the lube leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized which is always a bonus.

If you are looking for a body safe silicone lube I highly recommend adding Sliquid Silver to your nightstand. Grab yours today online at CAYA or Sliquid.


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