Exploring your body is an important part of pleasure. With the existing shame around masturbation we aren’t taught to learn about and discuss what brings us pleasure. There are many types of sex toys and accessories out there aimed at providing a different sensation – air pulsation, e-stim, and the Zumio. When Zumio launched I was intrigued to explore the different sensation that was promised.

The Zumio is a unique toy that provides pinpoint stimulation from a small tip that spins in small circles rather than vibrating.  This is a toy that has clear instructions to explore more than the clit which excites me! Encouraging people to explore sensations on their vulva, testicles, or other parts offers an important lesson in pleasure. Right off the hop I knew this toy would be different and after months of admiring them I was able to have one sent to me for review.

My Zumio arrived in a thin box with a picture of the toy on the front with holographic details. Inside was a sturdier white box with “Zumio” on the lid in their branded purple colour. Inside is the toy, a charging base, and a white storage pouch. The charging base is unique from others I own as it looks similar to an electric toothbrush charger that you just set the item in. The toy also vaguely resembles an electric toothbrush – except the tip is a small ball. The hard purple body is home to an on/off button and +/- buttons.

Zumio and I have a love-hate relationship. Depending on what my body is craving I can either love the intense pin point stimulation that it offers or my bits are overwhelmed by it. For me, relaxed and drawn out sessions with this toy were the most pleasurable. I was able to take my time, explore the sensation on different parts of my vulva, and this created a pleasurable experience. Once warmed up I was able to better enjoy the direct pin point stimulation. The days that I was looking for a quick orgasm and used the Zumio it was overstimulating. Good news is there is now a Zumio S model with a softer tip offering lower intensity! This is a great option!

Use of this toy was most comfortable when I turned the toy on and changed settings without the tip being against my vulva. If you want to change the setting while in use you can use your pointer finger to press the buttons but this was a bit of a struggle for me. Getting the Zumio into place was also a struggle having to have direct access to my full vulva. I did use it with a spreader once and it was amazing. I can imagine forced orgasms would also be really good with this toy. Not having the control to pull away sounds quite sexy to me.

As mentioned above Zumio is also unique because it encourages the user to explore different areas to experiment with the sensation. Not only does this teach us about our anatomy and what brings us pleasure but it also allows us to relax and enjoy whatever those things might be. Relaxation and taking your time can be a great experience especially for those who need a little help with their accelerator.

Overall, I enjoyed the Zumio once I got to know it. I continue to reach for it and will continue to. If you do not like pinpoint stimulation at all – I don’t recommend this toy for you. The S model may be a better option, but I cannot speak from experience. If you enjoy pinpoint stimulation then yes I recommend Zumio. It is unique and offers an opportunity to get to know yourself a bit more. If you want to get your hands on a Zumio you can purchase one online or locate a retailer here.

Thank you Zumio for sending me this product in exchange for my honest opinion.


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