Summer 100 – August Update

Summer 100 is over and it is bittersweet. This summer was a bitter reminder of my mental health struggles but also the sweet taste of achieving goals. This post is my final wrap up for the challenge so will be short and sweet!

August was another good month for blog traffic. Even though I struggled to get content out my traffic increased. As my traffic is rising I need to get things a bit more organized and to start writing about some new things. I did a bullet journal page of ideas to write about so need to explore some of those. Some were supposed to have been topics I included in this challenge. I was also able to set up some review items for September and October! I also have had some personal changes on the go, which was difficult at times. Fall brings me some more time to refocus on nurturing some passions and hobbies.

In the end the whole summer was great for this blog! I did it! My goals for this challenge were to increase my visitors and views, reach 800 followers, and to connect with other bloggers. I have more than doubled my views and visitors compared to 2017 numbers which is really exciting! I have reached my goals and it feels great!

I have learned that planning to post several times a week is not realistic for me. And that is perfectly okay! Summer is a busy time and coupled with depression and anxiety issues I was still able to reach my goals. I have also learned about several new bloggers and am enjoying exploring their content. Community is important to me and I look forward to continuing to build relationships with other bloggers. I have also learned that some companies aren’t true to their word. I was supposed to have a giveaway but the company did not come through. Overall I learned a lot and enjoyed participating in the Summer 100.

After a weekend away I will be resuming weekly posts with my review of the Zumio on Wednesday. I also plan to invest more time in getting posts drafted and queued in advance. This helps grow my content but is manageable. I am also working away on an overhaul (still). This is the work I have been doing but remains unseen. It is enjoyable for me and I know it will pay off. Branding will be the most exciting part for me. A logo of my own makes my heart skip a beat so please suggest your favourite sex positive designers.

Last year I fell of the wagon after feeling overwhelmed. This year I was much more successful in the challenge and hope that next year will be even more so. Learning and growing is all part of life.

Thank you to my readers and followers for coming along on this ride. Thank you for reading, sharing, and supporting my blog every step of the way. Thank you to the companies that work with me. It wouldn’t be possible without you!

I want to close this post by thanking Victoria and Isabelle for all of their hard work running the Summer 100! Your dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated.


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