Sutil by Hathor

There are only a few weeks left in the Summer 100 Challenge. There is still a lot of great content being posted, shared, and voices lifted. The fourth round coincided with the beginning of Anal August so here you will find Leila Loren’s review of Vibrating Anal Beads.  The theme for round 5 of the Summer 100 is sex toys and although I haven’t posted a toy review this month there is one coming in the next week or two. I have been wanting to check out some kegel balls but have been struggling to determine where to start. Earlier in the challenge Angel posted a review of Lelo’s Luna & Noir beads that I have been meaning to share! My first experience with kegel balls was lack luster and this piece reminded me to start looking for some that might provide a different experience.

Lube plays a supporting role in my sex life – it isn’t the main course but it enhances the main activities. I use it on my own, I use it with my partner, and I use it with toys. Lube is a must have in my nightstand but all lube is not created equal! I continue to play with fun ideas for categorizing lube reviews and structuring lube reviews. For me there isn’t as much to say about a lube as a toy but lube is still very important!

Sutil is a line of lubes made by Hathor – a Canadian mother and daughter team. Hathor recently added a variety of flavoured lubes to the line that I will definitely be checking out! Suz has recently reviewed these new flavours so check them out here. My introduction to their products was a sample that came with my Come as You Are order. I quickly had a tube of Luxe and a tube of Rich coming my way for review!

Sutil offers two water based lubes that are paraben and glycerin free and all ingredients are listed online. Sutil is made with plant-based ingredients such as horny goat weed. Luxe is a thinner and lighter formula while Rich is a thicker gel formula.  Both formulas are presented in 2oz pop-top tubes that actually stand on a nightstand and don’t leak all over. The packages not leaking all over was very exciting for me. I wasn’t afraid that when I picked them up again there would be another mess to clean up. Another great option that you don’t see with all lube companies is the option to buy ten 10ml packets. These would be great for portability. Tossing a few into your safe sex kit, travel kit, or purse doesn’t involve fear that lube is going to get everywhere.

Both formulas were very pleasurable to use. Luxe being the thinner of the two was a great enhancement of my body’s natural lubricant. It felt natural and was long lasting for a water-based lube. Luxe is a great personal moisturizer for this reason. A small touch went a long way but wasn’t over the top. Rich on the other hand was a thicker consistency making it great for anal activities or when a very long last lube is required. The Rich formula is also water-based but offers the extra thickness that a silicone lube provides.

Both felt very nice on my body and had minimal scent. The minimal scent surprised me because shortly after first use I learned the only downside to these lubes. They taste horrible! I was manually pleasuring my hubby and decided to introduce some oral – bad idea. It was very unpleasant but many botanicals have a more bitter flavour so I understand why. Good news is that they now have flavoured blends that should remedy this!

Sutil Luxe and Rich both have a place in my nightstand. They are long lasting, they don’t contain toxic ingredients, and they are made in Canada what’s not to love?

A special thanks to Hathor for sending me these products in exchange for an honest review! You can locate a retailer or purchase direct from

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