Summer 100 – July Update

July flew by and now all that remains of the Summer 100 Challenge is the month of August. I haven’t put out the extra posts I had hoped but have confirmed that a weekly post is best for me! For the month of August I will be laying pretty low and plan to draft some posts that I can save for the busy weeks. I am working on a Safe Sex piece and am really enjoying the process.

Here is my short and sweet July update:

My goals for this challenge were mainly around increasing numbers – number of visitors, number of views, and number of followers. I have a small ways to go in achieving these goals but am incredibly proud. I also had some unwritten goals around branding and bettering my site that I have been working on. Behind the scenes activities take time too and I am trying to be easy on myself. June numbers were better than July’s but compared to last year 2018 has doubled the amount of visitors which excites me!

I still cannot announce or even confirm a giveaway I have been planning. The items have not arrived after 2 months which is out of my control.

This month my most popular post was my review of the Satisfyer Pro GSpot that was posted in April. The Satisfyer reviews seem to get the most views and bring a lot of readers to my site through search engines.

My review queue is shortening which encourages me to get in touch with some more companies to discuss review opportunities for the fall. There are also a surprising number of items I have purchased for my nightstand and not published reviews for yet.

There are only 4 more weeks until the Summer 100 is over and then I will close with a wrap up post. That is only 4 more weekly posts! For those posts I have a few reviews as well as a masterdating update (finally).

My Masterdating series will be important during the month of August because I will be alone for most the weekends. Committing to these activities when things are quiet is just as important to committing to these activities when things are busy. They give me alone time but also get me out of the house. They help demonstrate that I can overcome some of my anxiety. I didn’t get an overwhelming response to the first post so haven’t been busting ass to get a follow up post out.

Last but definitely not least below you will find a few creators to check out!

The Desi Vibes launched recently so I hope you will head over and check out the first few posts. I enjoyed the rant on chai because I learned something. I love to cook and pride myself in exploring food from other cultures. My ignorance shows though as I thought chai was a blend of spices.

Lust Arts are a newer company with beautiful unicorn horns. Check out a review of the unicorn horn here by Indigo. They also have Frank’s Monster and a mermaid model. I hope to get my hands on a unicorn horn someday soon!

Thanks again to all my readers and followers! This blog wouldn’t still be around if it wasn’t for you. If there are ever topics you would like me to explore, items you’d like me to review, or just want to connect please reach out!


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