Summer is in full swing with heat, sunshine, and obnoxious chaffing. Wearing skirts and dresses is a pain for me because the chaffing can be irritating and painful. There are tricks that I have tried such as applying deodorant or lube to the areas that rub. These tactics require reapplication which also means carrying the product with you and they don’t always work. For me chaffing results in sore, itchy, red areas that will scab resulting in pain for days after.

A previous round of the Summer 100 was relationships and I had hoped to include this review then but had to delay. (I had to include a wedding in my testing.) We are surrounded by different relationships with others but also need to support our relationship with ourselves. Feeling good about how I look and being comfortable in my clothes is important. Lingerie is something I would love to love. I love feeling sexy and confident so need to find the right items for my shape. Carly S has a few pieces on her blog such as If you’re waiting to lose weight to wear lingerie read this and Plus Sized Lingerie I Love  that are great reads for bigger people looking to explore more lingerie. The first post will get you feeling a little more comfortable with finding pieces for your body and the second post will connect you to some suppliers.

Bandelettes are lace bands worn to prevent chaffing. These garters are available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes ranging from small (A) to 3xl (F)! I do enjoy that they have assigned their sizes a letter rather than the typical s/m/l or number sizing. This helps me stop focusing on the numbers. They also carry other options such as shorts and solid fabric rather than lace. Bandelettes has kindly sent me a black lace pair to review. 

Before receiving my items I was excited for a solution to my chub rub but was a bit nervous that lace would not be the best option as it can bit itchy. I also worried about them actually staying in place. I was a skeptic!

First things first! Before ordering you will need to determine your size. Visiting this page will give you easy to follow instructions to ensure you are ordering your correct size. Taking the guessing game out of sizing is important to me and these instructions were just the level of detail I needed.

They arrived in similar packaging to pantyhose with a simple but classy cardboard fold over. The fold over contained care instructions as well as sizing info. It is nice not to have a bunch of packaging to toss out.

The bands slide on and into place easily. They stayed in place all day at work and while dancing the night away at a wedding reception thanks to the non -slip silicone strip at the top and bottom of the bands. They were comfortable and I barely noticed they were there. I had worried that I would spend my time fussing to pull them back up and adjusting them. Even on a hot humid day my thighs stayed chaff free! There was a tiny bit of redness but nothing near the scabbing sore mess I tend to end up with while not wearing the Bandelettes.

Care and storage for the Bandelettes is also very simple. They are to be hand washed in cool water and air dried. Once dried I roll my up and tuck them into my underwear drawer. When purchasing your own you can also pick up a Bandelettes branded bag to store them in.

You can purchase your Bandelettes online here – ranging in price from $16.99 for lacy bands like mine to $25.99 for lacy shorts. Bandelettes are an affordable and effective chaffing solution. I recommend them to anyone that experiences discomfort from chaffing. They allowed me to go about my day without worrying which really is an improvement. Such a simple solution!

Bandelettes help me feel more comfortable in my skirts and dresses allowing me to be more confident in my outfits. This is one product that I will continue to use for that reason alone. Do you have a “must-have” item that helps you feel confident? Comment below!

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small portion of your purchase at no extra cost to you! 

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