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July is already half over! The Summer 100 has been flying by and we have just entered the 4th round with a theme of kink/fetish/BDSM. Although I am considered pretty damn vanilla I like to explore things that I haven’t always enjoyed – such as anal play, sensory play, and other fun activities solo. I am always curious how others implement kink in their own lives and try to identify ways to explore more. Finding pieces such as Casual Sadism by Witch of the Wands help me think of small things that can be every day inclusions. I tend to forget that these activities aren’t always sexual so maybe next time someone holds a cold drink to my skin I will secretly revel in the discomfort.

Part of kink and sex in general is that not everything will appeal to you and I am often curious about what specific things people enjoy or dislike about certain acts. We are all different and it’s fascinating! In a previous Summer 100 post Isabelle touches on just this in 69 is Not my Magic Number. I continue to explore the reasons why I do and do not like things. I also continue to try new things.

In the past few years my enjoyment of anal stimulation has been explored solo and I am excited to be trying out more toys. I have used several different plugs and dildos but still only have a few pieces that vibrate. For me vibration offers a very pleasurable and unique sensation. Although I cannot climax from butt stuff alone I greatly enjoy it. b-Vibe recently sent me Triplet anal beads for review and I have had a hard time getting this review out because I can’t stop using it!

My Triplet arrived in a sturdy blue box with magnetic closure. The box was covered in a black sleeve with an actual size photo of the toy and information about the toy. I plan to keep the blue box for storing bits and bobs in my nightstand. Inside you will find additional info on the inner lid and everything else tucked in the simple carrying case – the plug, remote, magnetic charger, and 2 small pamphlets.


The Triplet is made with smooth silicone and comes in pink or black. The base is a semi-circle to sit comfortably and the three beads increase in size. The largest 2 beads are home to the two motors. These motors can be controlled with the single button on the base or with remote. The remote turns the beads on or off, changes the vibration pattern, and increases or decreases the intensity of the motors. This toy also has a travel lock to prevent it from turning on from bumps while transporting it.

The Triple is washed with hot soap and water but is not waterproof. It is shower safe but is not to be submerged so I suggest a wash under the tap. Storage is simple with the handy storage case. There is plenty of room in the case for lube packets, condoms, or other small items that are part of your safe sex kit. The case also helps keep the remote and toy together so you don’t have to go searching.

The tapered design allows for smooth and easy insertion for beginners. As with any anal toy generous use of lube is a must. The button being on the base of the toy did result in turning the toy on and off a few times during insertion. Once inserted I tended to use the remote that offers a partner control from 30 ft away. The remote is much easier then searching for the button in the heat of things.

Wow! From first use I was impressed with the power of the motors. As I cycled through the patterns I was able to feel both motors. Compared to my other vibrating anal toys the triplet offers much more sensation because of the dual motors. The great motors also help justify the price point of around $140 USD.

This toy was great on its own as well as when combined with other toys. I strongly recommend it to those new to anal toys as well as those more experienced. The progressively larger beads allow the user to insert as many (or few) as desired. The smallest bead is beginner friendly, comparable to 1 finger, and if the toy is turned on vibrations can still be felt. They are not as powerful but would be a great introduction to the sensation. For those who like larger anal toys I feel that you will enjoy this toy but may desire a bit more of a full feeling.

b-Vibe is a company that offers a range of anal toys that are body safe. There are various sizes and models to suit beginners and more experienced alike. If the Triplet doesn’t have the length you desire check out the Cinco which has 3 motors and 5 beads! The triplet is 4’6 while the Cinco is 7’4. b-Vibe products are popping up in more on more online retailers but you can also purchase directly from their site.

Thanks b-Vibe for sending me this great product in exchange for my honest opinion!

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