Summer 100 – June Update

The first month of the Summer 100 finished almost 2 weeks ago and I am happy to say that there has been a great increase in my blog traffic. This post is a quick wrap up of the first month and will also share a few things that are to come.

First here are some great posts I enjoyed from other Summer 100 participants:

May has been writing a fictional series titled “The Curse“. Each week includes a Wicked Wednesday prompt as well! You will get hooked quickly – I know I did!

Aria provides some practical tips on How to Make Your PSTD More Manageable. I plan to do body scans more frequently. I struggle with meditating when my anxiety is high and this might be a good trick for me.

Let’s quickly start with the numbers! I compared my June stats to May’s which was a decent month for me. My views and visitors have almost doubled! These stats are exciting to me and give me a bit more direction on what posts readers enjoy the most. I did post more frequently during the first round of the challenge but quickly found 3 posts a week was too much for me.  The most visited post this month was Body Positive Journey – Looking In the Mirror which was a vulnerable piece for me. I am glad others have enjoyed it and that it has encouraged others to spend some time in front of the mirror.

There were also a few disappointments during the first month of the challenge. I had a giveaway planned but unfortunately I have had to delay the announcement. I was excited to announce the launch earlier and wrap it up at the same time the Summer 100 ended but timing isn’t going to work. I was also disappointed that keeping up with 3 posts a week is too much for me. I had exciting plans but wasn’t able to make them all happen. A post each week seems to be the best frequency for me but I also need to accept that I may have to skip a week or two depending on what is going on at home.

I have been planning some behind the scenes changes to better this site such as improve my SEO, update links, and make my photos more accessible. I am looking into more consistent branding and creating a logo and header to use across all platforms. I also have more reviews coming in the next few weeks. Reviews are my favourite posts to write and bring in a lot of my blog traffic so before the end of the challenge I will hopefully clear out some of my review queue. There are some items I am reviewing on my own that will wait but I have also been sent some exciting products.

I hope that the other Summer 100 participants are proud of all the great content that has been posted. I have planned to spend a few hours this evening and tomorrow getting caught up on other bloggers posts as well as finalizing a new review for next week. We are almost at the half way point of the challenge and I look forward to the great content to come!


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