Help a blogger out!

Part of the Summer 100 is to build content and help promote other participants work. This challenge has introduced me to new writers and after the challenge is over in September I hope that I have forged some friendships and have increased my interactions with the other writers. Getting this post out has been a feat! These past 2 weeks have been difficult so I am glad to finally get this out! There will soon be some more new reviews and an update on masterdating!

This weeks post is simple and discusses different ways that we can support each other. For those new to any of the platforms I mention – I encourage you to check them out! I have had conversations with pals where they have expressed not being sure how to support the creators they enjoy because they are on a tight budget or because they don’t know the best platform to use. With growing online communities sometimes it can be tricky to determine what platforms are best. For those unsure here are some ideas on ways to support your favourite creators at no cost to you, no extra cost to you, a small cost to you, and a larger cost to you.

No cost to you

Follow them on social media – Many folx have created an online presence across various platforms. Following them on Twitter, liking their Facebook page, and checking out their Instagram accounts is the first step! Link with accounts to keep up on new content and get to know them a bit better. Like, share, comment, and retweet posts that resonate with you, make you smile, or help you through a rough day. With the growing popularity of social media it is easy to give a quick like to posts but taking the time to visit the links posted and comment on posts is greatly appreciated! Tell them what you learned, what inspired you, or answer questions they may have posed.

Follow May More for amazing images (and great content)

No extra cost

Another method to support creators is to use their affiliate links to purchase items you are planning to buy. You are not spending any extra money but are helping put some in the creators pocket. Visit some creators sites to explore the different companies they are affiliated with and make a purchase through their link rather than ordering from a site directly.

Small cost to you

Patreon is an online platform where you can pledge a set amount each month to help the creators, access their content, and score some bonus material. I currently pledge a few dollars monthly to different creators. For me this is a small way to help out with limited funds. There are other low cost platforms out there as well. Each platform is slightly different – there are various levels offering various perks on Patreon and Buy me a Coffee or Ko-fi allow you to buy the creator “a cup of coffee” by making a small contribution. Others are fundraising platforms. I am thankful I am able to spare the extra amount each month and if you can I encourage you to check out what platforms the creators you enjoy use.

Buy Victoria a coffee!

Let’s Get Carly to the Cons

Buy Lauren Isabelle a coffee!

Larger cost to you 

Buy their stuff. This goes without saying but pay those people! Pay for your porn, hire them to help you with SEO, buy their book, and recommend them when others need their services. This is one area I want to support more people through because let’s face it I am not a designer and this blog needs some work! Put your money back into the community!

I close this post by encouraging you to comment on my post including a link to places others can support you or by retweeting with your own links!

If you are not already doing so please follow me on Twitter!


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