Cannalife Pleasure Oil

The Summer 100 has launched into the second round. I am still working on a piece to fit the theme of oral sex but still have time. I have revamped my Summer 100 plans a bit but am excited to get this review out! I am excited to start sharing some of the pieces on oral sex from the other participants but te past few weeks I enjoyed reading Isabelle Lauren’s Don’t Lose Your Writers Voice as well as Carly’s awesome aphrodisiac piece titled Filthy F*cking foods for Summer. I suggest you read both! Later this week will be a piece on how you can support your favourite bloggers or content creators.

Cannalife Pleasure Oil is a coconut oil based THC product produced in BC. They have the pleasure oil as well as other cannabis products for your sexual benefit and wellbeing. My partner has some chronic pain issues so we have been discussing adding the bath salts to our medicine cabinet.

When people first become aware of cannabis or THC products they often only think of getting high. Cannabis also contributes to better blood flow, pain management, and has many other holistic properties. Cannalife also offers CBD based products. I am not an expert on these products so I encourage you to research for yourself if they could benefit you.

I smoke cannabis on a daily basis. It helps me relax, slow down my mind, and cope with my depression and anxiety. I have been aware of the holistic properties of cannabis for many years so finally decided to incorporate some into my sexual routine. I purchased 10ml of Pleasure Oil with the intention to try it out both vaginally and anally. Used anally the THC is differently absorbed by one’s body which can result in getting slightly buzzed. Used vaginally it is said to enhance blood flow increasing sensation. It is important to note that coconut oil is not compatible with latex!

The small bottle was easy to open and you could instantly smell the product. I became a bit nervous that it would sting when used anally. Cinnamon and frankincense can be viewed as warming spices so I was concerned. The lid allows for a few drops at a time to ensure you are not using more than required. A few drops are all that is necessary. I used mine in combination with a silicone lubricant when using anally. I also applied it directly to my vulva and hubby’s penis.

When applied to my vulva I did notice an increase in sensation. It was a subtle difference drawing my attention to each touch or movement. When used anally I would drop a few drops with a silicone based lube. I tend to be very aware of slight movements when a toy has been inserted into my ass and the Pleasure Oil did elevate these sensations as well. The increased sensation was limited to my vulva and ass however – vaginally there was not a noticeable difference.  The experience of applying a few drops also contributes to increased arousal. Gently rubbing the product in was pleasurable as the product warms to body temperature and allows your fingers to slide. This is great but is a result of the experience or product? Hubby felt no difference at all.

My concerns about the cinnamon and frankincense were put to rest as I found there was no uncomfortable sensation at all. The base of coconut oil left my vulva and ass nicely moisturized. I wasn’t a big fan of the scent however. When combined with my natural scent it wasn’t offensive but wasn’t appealing either.

Overall it was a nice product. It isn’t something that I will use every day but it is a product that I will make time to enjoy. Products such as this pleasure oil and different lubes are a slightly different item to review which is wonderful as is. I enjoy creating some space to take my time to feel the product on my hands then on my body. For that reason alone I would suggest someone try similar products if interested. I bought mine from Come As You Are! 


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