Tenga Easy Beat Eggs

As the #summer100 posts continue to pop up I am enjoying reading more of other participant’s posts. There is so much great content but not enough time in the day! As I explore more pieces I am excited to start linking to many of them in future posts. We have just wrapped up the first round with the theme of masturbation, self-love, and self-care and the second round’s theme is oral sex. I don’t post a ton of content about oral sex but am trying to think of something new and challenging to contribute.

The rules of the Summer 100 have also changed slightly. In order to stay in the challenge they were asking participants to write about 6 posts per round. Anyone that is posting is now able to stay in the challenge. This was a great sigh of relief because 3 posts is a big jump from my usual 1 post and it was getting a bit overwhelming. I took a few days to relax after an exhausting week and will be changing my posting schedule slightly but still aiming to post more than once a week. This morning I am settled in on the couch with hubby to get this post out (originally scheduled for Thursday) and do some other blog work. This week I have been revisiting Zumio reviews such as this one by Fairy Cake’s Land  since I have one coming for review. Another piece that caught my eye this week is Krystle In Bed’s Masturbating Next to my Sleeping Husband. Damn that last image is great too!

This is the first review of a toy aimed for penis use posted on My Messy Room! While exciting it is also a bit nerve racking to share. Hubby doesn’t want to do the writing so I am trusted to convey his thoughts in my words. Let’s hope this works out and more of these types of reviews are to follow! Hubby and I were excited to give these eggs a try.

Tenga is a Japanese based company offering a range of sleeves and masturbators. There are single use items such as Tenga Eggs costing around $10, single use sleeves costing around $20, and multiuse units costing up to $300! I won a 6 pack of Tenga Easy Beat Eggs right around Christmas that came with 6 different textured eggs individually wrapped in a plastic egg carton. The packaging was simple enough with the texture of the product displayed in coloured lines on the wrapper. Each egg contains the textured sleeve, a packet of lube, and a lube depositor. The eggs are meant for single use and are made out of soft TPE. Being single use also means that there is no care and cleaning required for this product. The second ingredient in the packet of lube is glycerin so it was decided we would use lube from my stash for testing sessions just in case activities progressed to penetration.

Penis toys of any sort are not common place in my nightstand. Hubby is the more vanilla of us and this presented an opportunity for him to be the focus of testing sessions. It was a different experience because we were both involved in the testing sessions where as for other items I mainly test on my own. I knew the true test of these eggs would be if hubby reached for them when I was not around.

We tried out the eggs in a few manners. I manually stimulated him with the egg and he also gave it a try himself. I also cut the tip in an X so that I could orally pleasure him as well. I flipped one of the eggs inside out and stretched it over a wand as well as just manually massaging my vulva with it. I wanted to get creative so I tried to use these in as many ways as I could think of. I didn’t want to think of it only as a penis toy. We also tried the different textures of eggs in various ways.

Neither of us were wowed with the eggs. It was nice to try a new product together but we often tossed it aside and moved on to other activities. There are a variety of perspectives to consider here however such as my use on him from both stand points, his use on his own, and my use on my own.

I didn’t mind using the toy on him for the most part. The sleeve glided over his penis well but getting the hang of the hand movement was an adjustment. I had to figure out how the material would stretch with each stroke which also led to a few laughs. I snipped an x in the tip of one of the eggs so that I could blow him at the same time and found this to be the best use of the sleeve. I squirted a good amount of flavoured lube into the opening and went to town. Not being limited to only manual stimulation was great. Although I didn’t mind using the toy it wasn’t anything I would continue to reach for on a regular basis. I would suggest a Tenga Egg to those just starting to introduce toys into their relationship. It is cheap and offers a new experience without being intimidating. It might not blow your mind but it is a safe baby step!

After testing when we discussed his enjoyment of the sleeve – his reply was meh! I didn’t sense excitement from him at all.  He didn’t feel the differences in the textures between the patterns very much. He wasn’t complaining as he still enjoyed it but it didn’t add enough to the interaction to want to continue using them. I thought it was a pass for him because when I asked he just wasn’t getting around to trying it on its own. When I told him I was sitting down to write this review he tried a few out on his own and reported back. When we discussed it he mentioned that he still didn’t feel much of the texture. He found that good lube makes a difference and it is best used to stimulate the head of his penis where the texture bits are felt the most. It wasn’t a toy that he could stoke his entire shaft with which involved figuring out technique to not put too much pressure on his penis. He wasn’t over joyed with the toy but thought it would be great if someone wants to try something new for minimal cost. Hubby would like to try out one of the stronger material ones and explore masturbators further – which is exciting for me and hopefully you as a reader!

Use on myself was pretty lack luster – which didn’t surprise me. The texture of the material was squishy and didn’t offer the firmer touch that I needed. It also didn’t transfer vibration well so was just a layer of squish between my clit and the wand or fingers. If it was a firmer texture I may have enjoyed it much more.  If you like a gentle touch and find some vibrators to be a bit too much on your clit this could help! It is also nice for days you might be a bit sore but still find yourself wanting to get off.

Overall this product was not something that we will purchase and keep in our nightstand. It didn’t have enough texture and add enough to the experience for us as a couple or on our own. If just starting to explore sex toys this could be a good option for you! If you are sensitive and require a barrier between your bits and a vibrator this could also be a good option for you! If you are fine parting with $10 it is something that you can always purchase to try to make your own decision.

What are your favourite masturbators and sleeves?





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