SOSS # 2

Happy Saturday!

The Summer 100 has been starting to grow with interactions and posts from a variety of participants through this first full week of the challange. In true sharing fashion I want to compose quick #SOSS posts throughout the challenge. These posts will be on the shorter side because they are all about the links I am sharing.

The first round has the theme of masturbation, self-care, and self-love and the related posts have been exciting to try to keep up on. This round runs through the 15th so there will be a lot of content added before then as well. This week has been heavy and self-care has been needed. I am not going to discuss the events of this because I too am trying to regain my footing. The constant talk of depression on social media has been difficult and I need some space from it.

Below you will find 3 posts that I greatly enjoyed this week:

In Masturbation – When You Can’t Say No May describes a sexy experience in the office and ends by saying “Looking back I smile at my nerve. What a sexy minx I was.” The thought of taking care of things while at work has crossed my mind many times. The threat of getting caught has always won out for me unfortunately but there are many pictures of my tits that have been taken in a bathroom stall (or file room) that help indulge the fear of getting caught. I have often wanted to indulge my exhibitionism just a touch by getting myself off in the car alone – maybe I should indulge?

Masturbating together can be exciting for some but causes apprehension for others. It can be a learning experience for all involved to show each other what works but takes trust and comfort. Isabelle shares in Masturbating Together – Not for Everyone? what it was like to masturbate with her husband. I enjoyed reading about how it was “more an appetizer than the main course” for them because everyone has a different experience. I have personally used masturbation with my hubby as friendly competition, as foreplay, as a learning experience, and other times it just isn’t right for the mood!

Self-care is something that we all need to learn how to do effectively. In Self-care is a way of life, not an activity Ani discusses self-value in place of self-care and the importance of community and caring for others as part of self-care.  I read the piece a few times looking to find more applications to my own life. I find many people devalue themselves every day. Whether it be neglecting their needs, shrugging off a compliment, or by not sharing a great idea at work. Building self-value is important even though many struggle with it at times. The different self-care practices we engage in can be applied to all aspects of our lives. We may require different self-care for different aspects of our lives but addressing the care needs in each aspect is key. Do you need to take your 15 minute break and go for a walk alone at work? Do you need to shower and prep your meals for the following day after dinner to ensure you actually eat? Are there after-care practices for any sexual activities your involved in? If you are doing a self-care activity because you value yourself good for you! Approaching self-care as self-value is an interesting concept and for me as it changes the intention behind the action.

I close this post with 3 photos that I took this morning. I needed to examine the small self-care tasks that I frequently engage in but don’t always recognize as self-care while doing them. Lush bubble bars on a Beatrix Potter plate, succulents in tea cups, and a mug from my collection that makes me smile all represent activities that make my heart feel full and allow me to shut out the world for a few moments to experience enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness. Approaching these activities from a place of self-value is what I will be focusing on this evening.



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