Welcome to the Summer 100!

Summer brings a rejuvenating and refreshing change to my life each year. As Mother Nature brings more sunshine and warmer temperatures I start reflecting on and working towards bettering myself all around. My mental health also tends to improve around the same time. Sunshine does wonders for me! It is that time of year again that the Summer 100 Challenge runs as well!

Victoria over at Pretty Pink Lotus Bud hosted the Summer 100 Challenge for the first time in 2017. Last year the premise of the challenge was to generate 100 blog posts from June 1st through September 1st while also linking and sharing the work of the other participants. This year Isabelle Lauren has joined forces with Victoria and the challenge has been revamped. The premise this year is slightly different but still remains focused on building content, connecting with others, and sharing each other’s pieces. This year the goal is roughly 6 posts per 2 week round which would be about 36 posts during the challenge per participant – all the while promoting and connecting with other bloggers.

Last year I started the Summer 100 challenge with good intentions. I planned to not make the challenge about posting 100 posts but about making consistent effort to invest in my blog. Whether it be updating broken links, writing a post, or taking pictures it all takes time and benefits my blog. Last summer was hard (I have lived on my own for a year now! It was a rough go at first) and I didn’t remain focused on the challenge. I didn’t post nearly as much as I would have liked to and I didn’t revamp all the blog features I would have liked to.

This year I have joined again with a fresh attitude, more confidence, and a few friends already by my side.

2018 has already been a great success for my blog. In the first five months I have increased my readership by roughly 14% from 2017.This is already great growth but I have areas to improve upon, more to learn, and new friends to make to continue to better my blog. I have benefited greatly from companies and other bloggers sharing my work and always try to be mindful about how lifting each other up is the best way for us all to grow. Not all of the pieces I publish will be for everyone as my reviews seem to generate the most views but I do believe that everyone will find something interesting or thought provoking – or a link to something more up their ally.

Here are some of the great things that you can expect over the next three months:

SOSS – Share Our Shit Saturday has become a great way to share the posts that we are excited about. Some bloggers create a whole post while others just tweet links to the pieces they enjoyed. I posted my first ever just a few weeks ago (even though it was a Sunday) and plan to post more. I am toying with ideas to switch it up such as a theme for each week but we will see how it all plays out.

Summer 100 Updates – At the end of each month I will recap some of my new content as well as highlight some of the tools and tricks that are working for me. I will also highlight some of my struggles with my blog. I will be tracking my growth throughout the challenge and hope to celebrate more growth in these posts. In the next few weeks you will also see a post about my tools and tracking for the duration of this challenge.

Reviews – My reviews generate the most views for my blog. These are the tweets that get shared the most, the pages that bring readers in, and the posts I enjoy writing the most. I don’t have a large review queue right now but am working on some reviews to post throughout the challenge. I have a small collection of wands to get reviews out for and am working on a comparison review of 2 apps! I will also finally be posting some reviews co-written by my hubby.

Series – I have a few small series of posts that I will be including throughout the challenge that I will introduce readers to in the next two weeks. I am excited for a few that are building on personal goals and are actually quite nerve racking for me to write and allow myself to share that vulnerability. The first of these will come out Tuesday! 

Miscellaneous – Throughout the challenge there will also be some a variety of pieces that I am just interested in writing. I am working on a few fun pieces that just happened to be wrapping up as the challenge is launching as a few others that the challenge is motivating me to write.

Sharing – Each post will share the work of others. If you want to collaborate on a piece, want me to share a piece of yours, or just want to chat please reach out! If I can be of any help in this challenge please let me know!

I hope that you are excited for a busy few months with a ton of great content to read! 




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