SOSS – Share Our Shit Sunday # 1

Writing hasn’t been coming easily to me lately. I have brainstormed several post ideas, have been testing some new toys, and just trying to manage some stress. Today’s post is being written with excitement regardless of how long it ends up being. While managing my stress I have been consuming a lot of other peoples content and wanted to encourage you to check out new creators regularly! It is Sunday, not Saturday but I think sharing each others work is great any chance we get.

There are two events that I want to start my SOSS posts with after a lot of reflection on community. We all exist in different communities in our lives. Some of these communities over lap and some contrast others. My blog is where I aim to find a sex positive community that isn’t offered in my daily life. I like to explore the content of others and make an effort to find new bloggers to read, podcasts to listen to, and creators to follow. I am often consuming their content quietly on the sidelines excited for the new information but I feel I need to start raising my voice and sharing these great creators more often. As a blogger it is exciting to learn about other people and the two events below have been great sources for finding new creators for me. The Summer 100 Challenge last summer and the Explore my Summit just a few weeks ago. Both events have taught me about myself, challenged me, and inspired me to learn more.

Summer 100 Challenge – I need to start with a bang so wanted to share the Summer 100 Challenge to encourage my readers to join. The #summer100 Challenge was launched last year by Victoria over at Pretty Pink Lotus Bud. Victoria encouraged bloggers to create 100 posts to build their brand, find their tribe, and share each other’s work. I had some rocky life events going on so did not succeed but I was introduced to some other great bloggers such as Isabelle Lauren. Victoria and Isabelle have joined forces this year to co-host the challenge. The structure of the challenge has changed since last year. If interested please head over to Victoria’s or Isabelle’s introductions to learn more the challenge and sign up! This is a great opportunity for writers both new and old to create new content and make some new friends. The Challenge runs from June 1st through September 1st and you can sign up now!

Dawn Serra is a multi-talented creator that I have recently been delving into much more. Dawn not only has a podcast and an advice column but is the mind behind the Explore More Summit that has just wrapped up. The Explore More Summit is an online event consisting of several video and audio talks with a variety of speakers that ran from April 23rd until May 2nd. Dawn has chosen some phenomenal speakers and I am still slowly getting though all of the content. I have tuned into several talks so far and am reflecting and learning a lot about myself. I have greatly enjoyed talks by Shadeen Francis, Kate Kenfield, and so many others! Although this years event is over you can register to be notified of the next event so you won’t miss it! Sign up for Dawn’s newsletter

I wanted to start with a baby step SOSS post and plan to take some time to determine some ways to promote other peoples work on a more regular basis. Should I do theme posts every few weeks? Should I just share a few creators I am really into that week? So many exciting options! There are so many great creators out there and I can’t wait to explore even more of them!

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to link your favorite pieces and people in the comments to help share!

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