Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

My last 2 posts have been Satisfyer reviews of a few of their latest releases – Pro G-Spot Rabbit and the Pro Plus Vibrate. This post covers the Pro 4 Couples wrapping up this batch of reviews! My Satisfyer reviews are among those that generate the most traffic for my blog alongside Tantus reviews. I have yet to review the new travel model, any of the Partner line, or the Satisfyer for Men but hope to in the future.

The Pro 4 Couples is my favourite of this batch – once I came around to it. It is an awkward shaped couple’s toy with a vibrating internal arm and the air pulsator on the external arm. The tip is round and dime sized. It is white silicone with rose gold accents – much like the others in this round. The external arm houses the 4 controls – the on/off for the external arm, on/off for the internal arm, and an increase/decrease button. The button controlling the internal arm also cycles through various settings.

At first glance I thought it was going to be horrible.  The external arm is hard and static and the internal arm is firm where they join but then quite flexible. There isn’t much wiggle room to match a different anatomy.

My hubby surprised me and jumped right in on testing this model. It was his plan but the first few testing sessions weren’t great. I got the toy in place and it was enjoyable. Once his penis was inserted it was enjoyable for us both. Hubby even commented that the longer internal portion was more comfortable than others because it was thin and hit more area. It was enjoyable until every thrust pushed the toy away from where it needed to be. There were definitely a few laughs at the sounds it made while it moved. For slower intercourse this toy was great but once things picked up the pace it just didn’t work. Hubby found that it poked his frenulum while use in a few angles which was when he threw in his testing towel.

I then started testing the toy on my own and fell in love. The internal arm on the highest constant setting was a great sensation. The air pulsations starting at a lower speed and working the way up were also great. Combining the two produced some pretty quick intense orgasms. Once familiar with the buttons I was able to access them easily to increase the external arm and then turn the external arm off once I had an orgasm. This is key because there is a fine line between cum drunk and post-orgasm over-sensitive for me. Perfect timing results in me basking in all my glory otherwise I can’t wait to get a toy away from my clit. This is a toy I will continue to use on my own for consistent pleasurable orgasms. I don’t see myself using it as a couple’s toy again however because it just wasn’t right for us.

Just like the others the Pro 4 Couples is waterproof and easy to clean with soap and hot water. There is a bit close to where the arms meet that needs a little extra attention due to the textured symbol and another area has the Satisfyer label.

The Pro 4 Couples isn’t as widely available as Satisfyer’s other products – in fact it isn’t even on the Canadian/US website. If you are ever curious visit Satisfyer’s UK site – it also has their Partner toys and the Pro 4 Couples.

This wraps up my Satisfyer reviews and now Masturbation May is underway! I have some fun personal posts coming up and am working on a few more reviews. I recently revisited a piece I intended to include in my body positivite journey but was too scared to post. I am planning to spend some time reflecting on why it makes me so nervous to post and it fits the theme of Masturbation May so will do a final edit soon and get it posted!

Are you celebrating Masturbation May at all? What are your plans?


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