Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Last week I posted my review on the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit which was not my favourite of the 3 models I most recently received. This week’s post is about the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration an L-shaped toy that does exactly as its name states – combines air pressure wave technology with vibration.

Just as the other Satisfyer products I have tried – this toy came in a simple Satisfyer branded white box with a bull’s eye pattern and a picture of the toy. The box also contained the magnetic charging cord and an information pamphlet.

This model contains an arm with both sources of stimulation. The other arm acts like the handle and contains the controls. The body is made of white silicone with accents of rose gold just as the other models recently released. There are 3 controls on this model. One powers on/off the vibration. One powers on/off the air wave, and the other increases and decreases the intensity. The buttons are positioned so that while using on yourself you would use your pointer finger but if a partner was using the toy they could easily use their thumb. The buttons are out of sight while in use which can make it a bit tricky.  The spacing did make it slightly difficult to turn the air wave off during use. The increase and decrease were very easy to access during use. The tip on this model is round and slightly larger than a dime. It is also quite deeper than the others.

This toy is marketed as waterproof. As mention in the last review I no longer test my toys in the water so cannot speak to that claim but being able to submerge the toy for cleaning purposes does make it much easier. Hot soapy water is all that is required but you can also remove the tip to give it a deep clean.

After my first few testing sessions I found myself going back to this model multiple times. The tip being on the end of one of the toys arms allows the user to easily maneuver it into position. Using the toy was pleasurable but I found the vibration somewhat took away from the sensation of the pressure wave. If the vibrations penetrated deeper this toy would blow my mind. I found holding this toy loosely on my clit allowed me to slightly move it around to move the sensations into the right place. The shape and angle of this toy really make it easy to hold the toy in place and not make your hands tired. As a woman with a belly this also allows me to hold it in place and remain in a comfortable position – there is no maneuvering my reach.

I enjoyed this toy because it was reliably pleasurable, produced orgasms, and was comfortable to hold. It is a great addition to any Satisfyer collection and offers a different sensation from the other toys. It might be a great toy for you if you enjoy direct clit stim combined with broad vibrations. It provides stimulation to not just your clit but also the vibration to a wider area of your vulva. This was quite pleasurable but would be enhanced by offering deeper more rumbly vibrations.

Satisfyer products are sold at a variety of online and brick and mortar locations for around $90. You can also buy them direct from

Thanks again to Satisfyer for sending me their products to review! 

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