Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

Satisfyer has had a great influence on my blog. My most popular posts are Satisfyer reviews. I am most commonly found through searches for Satisfyer information. I am always excited to be sent new products for review. Almost a full year ago I posted my Satisfyer Soiree reviewing the Pro 2, Pro Penguin, Pro Deluxe, and the Satisfyer 2. I also hosted a give away that was more about learning than about success. Another newer blogger at the time – Isabelle won the Satisfyer 2!  Check them out if you haven’t already! I have since posted another round of Next Generation toys and am excited to roll out a 3rd round of new models including the Satisfyer technology combined with vibration, internal g-spot stimulation, and internal stimulation on a couples toy.

In both the first round and this round there was one toy that didn’t work for me that others praised via Twitter. For the first round the Pro Deluxe and my anatomy just didn’t work. My labia majora are thick so getting a palm sized flat toy into position correctly was a feat! For this round it was the Rabbit that I didn’t love and again it was that the toy didn’t line up with my anatomy!

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit, as the name suggests, is a rabbit style vibrator with a vibrating internal arm and air pulse technology as the external arm. The toy is made of smooth white silicone with rose gold accents found on the controls and around the removable tip on the external arm. All Satisfyer toys (that I have received to date) come in a simple white box with a picture of the toy and a silver bulls eye pattern representing the air pulse technology. I have seen black boxes on some unboxing videos but have yet to receive a toy in one.  All toys come with a USB magnetic charger and an information pamphlet. The charger works on all their toys which means you aren’t digging for a specific cord come charging time.

The controls of the Rabbit were easy to understand and accessible while in use. There are three buttons as controls. The rose gold powers on/off the internal arm while the white buttons power on/off the internal arm and increase/decrease the air pulse stimulation. The controls were easy enough to use and having the ability to decrease the air pulse sensation was a great feature for me.


The internal arm is firm with a bulbous end for G-spot stimulation. It is bendy but the arm itself doesn’t have a lot of give to it. The external arm is fixed to the handle and contains a round dime sized tip. While inserted I was able to maneuver the internal arm to feel great but struggled to line my clit up with with external arm at the same time. This is common for all rabbit style vibes as anatomy varies from person to person.

Satisfyer products are marketed as waterproof. There have been issues with first generation models dying after use in the tub. My first gen Penguin drowned but I have not had issues with any of the others. I do not test waterproof toys in the tub anymore because it just isn’t enjoyable for me. If I ever end up with a comfortable soaker tub – you bet I will start tub testing again.

Cleaning this toy is as simple as hot soapy water. Satisfyer is embossed in the underside of the internal arm so lube, body fluids, and dust can get stuck here so a little extra attention is required.  As previously mentioned the toy is waterproof making cleaning easier because you can run the entire toy under a hot tap. I did use this while on my period and clean up under a tap was a breeze.

Struggling to get both the internal and external arms in place at the right time was what made this my least favourite of this batch. It ruined the mood to start enjoying it and have it move out of place at slight movement of the toy or shifting of my body. Both the sensations felt great when in position and I was able to move between the two sensations rather than trying to enjoy them both at once. I think giving the external arm some flexibility could help remedy this.

Overall, this toy isn’t one that I will return to often and it just comes down to the wrong fit for my anatomy. I do not own a lot of rabbit style toys for this reason. If you enjoy rabbits and want to give this one a try you can head over to Satisfyer to buy direct or check out some of your local chain stores! I have been seeing Satisfyer pop up in all my local shops for reasonable prices – around $90 for the Rabbit!

Thanks again to Satisfyer for sending me their products to review! I am hoping to getting my hands on the Travel Pro and the Satisfyer Men in the future. Satisfyer also has a line of Partner Toys. The website now includes all three categories and continues to expand! 




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