Rocks Off Vortex

Rocks Off are a UK based sex product company that has been around for about 12 years. When I was contacted in regards to this review I was sent a list of product descriptions with great photos. I read each description weighing reasons why each toy would be what I request. Do I request a bullet or an anal toy marketed under “Toys for Boys”?  Ultimately I ended up with the Vortex! Thanks Rocks Off for sending this product my way to review!

When my toy arrived I quickly snapped a series of in-box photos to show the color coordinated black and blue box with the toy clearly displayed. Sadly, during a tech brain fart I managed to delete all photos from my phone. I was sad thinking I had lost the photos – but I had used my camera! Phew!  The packaging was simple and once pulled apart instructions were on the reverse side of the cardstock.

The Vortex is a battery powered 10-setting anal toy with 10 cm of insertable length. The body of the toy contains 5 ridges along the widest part which is roughly 1.5 inches in diameter with a 5 inch circumference. The body is made of black silicone and features an oval base. The motor is housed in a removable bullet. The end screws off to reveal the battery compartment (batteries were included) and contains the single control button on the very end. This single button cycles through the settings as well as turns the toy off and on.

Caring for a storing this toy is nice and simple. To store your toy be sure to remove the batteries. I have a little bowl on my night stand that I pop my batteries into. This prevents your toy from turning on, helps your batteries last longer, and ensures that any battery gunk from eroding batteries does not get in your toy. This will also help your toy last longer! Cleaning silicone requires a wash with hot soapy water and air drying.

My anal experiences are different from others in that it is 98% toy based. My exploration has been at home, on my own, in a relaxed environment.  This has allowed to me to take my time, to warm up, and to ensure lots of lube was on hand. This toy requires all of the above. I used smaller toys until I was confident that starting to insert this toy wouldn’t be too much then I added some extra lube and started slow. This was repeated each and every time I used the toy and for me is the key to comfortable anal play. Once mostly inserted I started cycling through the vibrations. If you have never experienced a vibrating sensation in your ass I urge you to try it out and see if you like it. I had held a bullet to a metal plug in the past but not used a vibrating anal toy so was quite excited.

Adding the Vortex to my nightstand has been very pleasurable. I enjoy it but it isn’t a toy that I will use on a daily basis. Depending on the vibration it could be a bit intense but having the option to cycle through settings or turn the toy off allowed me to adjust fairly easily. I tried to experience each setting before moving on to the next. The settings contain 3 steady vibration levels and 7 patterns. Starting with the lowest vibration level was best at first and slowly moving to the stronger steady levels was most pleasurable for me with the Vortex. I didn’t explore the waterproof claims of this toy because anal play is difficult in the tub when lots of lube is required.

Rocks Off products can be purchased directly from their website here or from a variety of online retailers. The Vortex and many other toys can be found for under $50! I look forward to learning more about them and trying some more of their products. I have heard great things about their bullets and am intrigued by the Lust Linx Ball & Chain as well as the Faranti Hold Me Tight love balls.


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