Tantus Ripple

This is my 50th post and today is also my 33rd birthday. As this review goes live I will be eating fresh made pasta, drinking wine, and enjoying the company of a few folks I love the most.

Every single piece of Tantus I put in my body amazes me. Their premium silicone products are body safe and each insertable that I own can be used in my ass. This versatility is important when considering which toys I keep easily accessible and which toys sink to the bottom of the drawer. I opened a box from Tantus and was pleasantly surprised with a Beginners Ball Gag and a Ripple. These two items will be the focus of my next two reviews.  I will start with the Ripple.

The Ripple comes in a signature Tantus box that always displays the product. Each item contains a small logo on the packaging such as “perfect for warming up”. The Ripple is an anal toy with 4 progressively larger ripples. There is both a small and a large version. The smaller version (which is what this review is based on) has a smoother progression between ripples whereas the large version appears to have more bulbous ripples. Both have a round base – this also makes it harness compatible. The small version has a length of 4.95” and a diameter of 1”. The Ripple is made with Tantus’ premium silicone and has a glossy finish. It is flexible through the length of the toy but is still firm.

I have several butt plugs and also use my Acute anally so was originally concerned that this toy may be a touch too small. The size enables me to insert each ripple slowly, smoothly, and comfortably. The size of the base makes it difficult for me to insert the final ripple as my cheeks don’t allow the toy to get close enough and still have some movement. Without the final ripple the flexibility allows me to still be able to move freely but still feels great increasing my awareness of each movement. Slowly inserting and removing the toy teasingly over each ripple was amazing. Although labelled as a butt plug I don’t find the Ripple to be a suitable toy for longer term use. I enjoy wearing a butt plug while completing daily activities but the circular base prevents this.

Cleaning and storage for this item is simple. A wash with hot soapy water before and after each use is quick and easy. For a more thorough cleaning the Ripple can be boiled or placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. My anal toys are all stored together (all high quality silicone or stainless steel) in a reused toy box without fear of them degrading. My favourite part of the round base is that immediately after use I can stand the toy on my dresser for a few minutes before taking it to the bathroom to clean. This helps keep a lubed up toy from rolling around my bed with me.

The packaging was correct – that the Ripple is perfect for warm up. I think this also makes it a great beginner’s toy. The progressive ripples allow for easy insertion and are very comfortable. Many suggest to start with a finger sized toy if you are new to anal and this toy provides that and slightly larger. The sensation from thrusting slowly with this toy is bound to please beginners and would be great to explore before exploring larger toys or a penis. For just under $40 it is also a great price point for those wanting to explore anal stimulation without breaking the bank.

Thank you Tantus for sending me such a great item for review! To purchase your own Ripple or other amazing Tantus product head on over to www.tantusinc.com. 

Disclosure: Affiliate links have been used in this post. I may receive a small commission on your purchase – at no extra cost to you! All thoughts and opinions are my own.





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