Lelo Sona

I was super excited to have won a Lelo Sona from Ella at www.scandarella.com. The prize was provided by Luxury Vibrators and arrived quickly and discreetly. I was on my way out the door so quickly plugged it in so I could test it out when I returned. The packaging was sturdy and nicely displayed the toys pink against the black packaging. As my collection grows I would prefer less wasteful packaging since I don’t keep the boxes. Included in the box are a simple black storage bag, a packet of lube, and the charger. I was happy to see the lube labelled as paraben and glycerin free. The light pink colour of the Sona is light and feminine with a touch of gold. The silicone finish is smooth the touch. The body is shaped to angle the 3 buttons upwards while in use. The tip is round and quite small.

The Sona is Lelo’s sonic toy along the lines of the Womanizer and Satisfyer. The first toy I invested in was a Lelo so I was looking forward to giving it a shot. I heard how others bloggers loved it through their social media but was adamant to not read any reviews until mine was written. I tested it out several times but found myself tucking it away to reach orgasm using another toy or my orgasms were lack luster. I knew I had to tuck in and try to troubleshoot my mediocre first impressions.

I tried the Sona alone. I added internal stimulation. I tried it with Pleasure Oil. I positioned my labia differently. I laid differently. No matter what I did I wasn’t able to have great orgasms with it. I narrowed this down to the size of the tip and felt that if it had been slightly wider it would have made a world of a difference. I have a smaller hooded clit and the suction based toys that I have tried and enjoyed were larger providing stimulation to more than just my clit and clitoral hood. I found the stimulation to be very intense and spreading the stimulation out to a slightly larger area would have helped balance that sensation out.

The noise level of the toy was fine. It wasn’t overly loud but it also wasn’t whisper quiet. There were a few times that the toy would start to lose connection with my body and it made a high pitch buzzing noise. It was easy to clean but required a little extra attention to ensure the tip was well cleaned.

If you like strong direct clitoral stimulation this toy will appeal to you. If your clit is on the sensitive side the Sona may be too much for you. With a hefty price tag of $230 I just can’t say you must have one! If you have the money to invest in a toy and know you enjoy suction technology go for it – but if you don’t have the cash or aren’t sure if you like suction toys don’t worry there are other more affordable options to test the water before making a big purchase. If you do decide to purchase any Lelo item please do so from a reputable retailer!

As mentioned this toy was the prize of a giveaway hosted by Ella and was provided by Luxury Vibrators.Ella is a fantastic blogger that shares erotica and toy reviews. Luxury Vibrators is a Canadian online retailer offering a wide range of quality brands. A big thank you to both for hooking me up!

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