Tantus Acute

After being approached by Too Timid and offered a review product I scrolled through a variety of great brands. First I browsed Tantus products mentally noting that I would take each and every one. I moved on to We-Vibe then Icicles. I had to get my hands on another Tantus product so went with the Acute.

My package was sent in the midst of the holiday rush but arrived to me quickly and discreetly. I ripped the box open while walking into my apartment and had a hard time containing my excitement. The packaging was the signature Tantus branded box with the toy clearly visible. The Acute is a slightly curved 100% silicone dildo said to be angled for penetration. The coronal ridge protrudes more than the small mounds that run down the shaft of the toy. The base makes it safe for anal use as well as harness compatible. With 5 insertable inches and a circumference of 1.25 inch this is a small-medium dildo and the box proclaims it is great for warmup!

With a few drops of lube I was able to insert this toy with ease and it led to a feeling of being full but was still very comfortable. Thrusting motions and slight rocking were all comfortable and deep insertion didn’t bang my cervix. As I became comfortable with this toy I found myself using the head to rub my g-spot in a back and forth motion or by inserting it deeply. If inserted deeply I would use slow small movements and an external toy are the same time. The size was also ideal for penetration while wearing a plug. Some plugs intrude on vaginal real estate making penetration difficult or uncomfortable for me but with the Acute this was no concern. This was the largest toy that I have used anally. The size allowed for comfortable anal play after some warm up. Finding a toy that is a good size for both vaginal and anal usage can be difficult.

Being made of silicone the Acute is easy to clean using soap and water. It is also safe to be boiled or placed in the dishwasher. Silicone does tend to attract lint but a quick rinse will take care of that.

I strongly recommend the Acute to sex toy beginners looking to explore penetrative toys and dildos. The size makes it ideal for beginners as well as that it is body safe, easy to care for, and great quality. It is also at an affordable price range.

Acute (3)

Too Timid sent me the Tantus Acute in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links are used in this post.

A word about Too Timid… Too Timid is an online retailer providing a range of toys and products at a variety of prices. Having this variety allows everyone to find something to suit their individual preferences as well as budgets. When Too Timid approached me I spent some time debating what to choose. There was a variety of great brands and body safe products but there were also products that aren’t body safe. The materials are listed for each product allowing the client to consider before purchase – which I suggest you do. I would love to see more focus on body safe materials and Sex Ed pieces around why it is important. I would also love to see their categories be more inclusive.


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