Njoy Pure Plug

In the blogger world it is no secret that Njoy makes well-loved products. The second Njoy item I have added to my collection is the Pure Plug in medium. I purchased mine from Come as You Are during their Black Friday sale. My Purewand was purchased from the same sale last year.

Njoy’s products come in a solid black box lined with hot-pink. A styrofoam form holds onto your item. Although beautiful for storage if you have a few items, I don’t have the room for each item to be stored in its original packaging. When you first unbox the plug you notice the smooth cool stainless steel and the surprising amount of weight behind it. The base is shaped to sit comfortably for longer wear and allows easy removal.

The Pure Plug was love upon first insertion. As with any plug, I added a few drops of lubricant – since this toy is stainless steel I stuck with Sliquid Silver.  The material, shape, and the base allow for easy and smooth insertion. It does not lead to a full feeling but rather it leads to an awareness of the weight and movement. Whether walking, standing, or sitting I was aware of the sensation of the toy moving within me and the weight of it.

Having less of a full feeling allowed me to comfortably wear my Pure Plug for hours at a time. During the various testing sessions I wore it both around the house and while out and about. A tip if you enjoy vibrating anal toys is to hold a We-Vibe Tango against the base. I pressed my Tango against the base with the fabric of a t-shirt between the two to muffle the sound. My mind was absolutely blown. I alternate between holding the vibe on the base and my clit resulting in very powerful orgasms. Hubby and I both didn’t love the plug during penetrative sex – the smooth steel and lots of lube resulted in it falling out a few times. Slower thrusts and trying different positions are two solutions to helping keep the plug in place. After each use removal was comfortable. The base allows you to hook a finger in and gentle tug it out.

Stainless steel is a great body safe material that is easy to care for. It can be washed with hot soapy water, boiled to sanitize, or even placed in the dishwasher. Either water based or silicone based lubricant can be used but as an anal toy I recommend a longer lasting silicone lube. I also tried this plug out with Cannalife Pleasure Oil which I will review in the upcoming weeks. Another great characteristic of stainless steel is the ability to cool it down or warm it up. If you’re not a fan of inserting a cold plug you can warm it up under a warm tap or even by closing it in your fist for a few minutes.  Temperature play can be a fun exploration of the different parts of your body but it is also interesting to feel how much the toy has warmed up after use.

I absolutely loved this plug and strongly recommend you purchase one. This is a high quality product that that will last you for years. The medium size runs for around $75- $85 CAD and is well worth the money spent. I long for a bit more size so have added a large plug to my wish list but know that I will rely on the medium plug for longer term use.

Come as You Are is a Canadian online retailer for all your body-safe sexual needs. I received my package on a Sunday and as always was thrilled by the personal touch of a hand-wrapped product.  Simple butcher’s paper and a CAYA logo sticker is not overkill and is less waste than the boxes and packing peanuts that come from other companies. They also slide a care guide and other great info into your package.



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