Happy New Year!

Finding my voice as a blogger has been an interesting experience. My first few reviews were of beauty items, food items, and a few book reviews. I finally had the courage and posted my first toy review. I really enjoyed the toy reviews and enjoyed that they became the centre of my blog. As I continue to grow I have wanted to include some different types of reviews and features – so I am starting this year with big dreams.

As a young teenager I used to start a new journal with “New year, new book, new page”. I get to start this year sharing a bunch of new blog features and changes. I will continue to review all the sex toys I can get my hands on and share them with you. I will also be posting book reviews, recipe reviews, and product reviews with you quarterly. This allows me to continue to weave in other interests that excite me. I intend to weave a string through these posts pushing people to discuss difficult topics such as mental health, sexuality and the many facets they have on our life.

Conceptualizing these changes was difficult because I felt a bit of imposter syndrome (“I am not a sex blogger – I am not a life style blogger. I don’t fit in”). Staying true to what I enjoy is part of makes my blog different from others. Each blogger injects parts of themselves into their blog that sets them apart and makes them authentic. Although maybe not enjoyed by all readers this is what feels authentic for me. If it stops feeling authentic I will have to change it up again!

I have also done a revamp of some of my static features. I have updated my About Me page and created a new static Nightstand page that lists the products I own and have reviewed. I have also created a wishlist and a Terms of Collaboration page that provides information for those who may be interested in working with me.

A quick look at how the structure of my content will change:

  • Monthly toy review and notebook posts – Miscellaneous pieces on sex, relationships, and self-love as well as the sex toy reviews as most commonly seen on the blog to date.
  • Buy or Borrow – Quarterly book reviews with a recommendation of whether to purchase the book for continued reference and rereading or to borrow the book for a one time read.
  • Quarterly product reviews and quarterly recipe reviews – self-care will be tied into the selection of items and writing of these reviews.



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