The Best of 2017

2017 has been a very exciting year for My Messy Room. I recently hit 500 followers on Twitter. I continue to have review products sent to me. I continue to learn about my body. I also continue to learn about sex in general. In 2018 there are more exciting plans such as attending Playground in February and some blog changes that will be announced and rolled out in January.

This will be my final post of 2017 so I want to take some time to share my top posts, favourite items, as well as my wish list for 2018. 

Best Reviews of 2017

Behind the scenes I have been trying to refine my content. To do so I need to celebrate my most popular posts. The below posts were my most viewed reviews of the year. 

5. Satisfyer Pro 2

4. Tantus Ryder 

3. Satisfyer Pro Penguin

2. Jopen Comet Key II 

1. The Dodil

The above are posts I am proud of because people were reading but they do not necessarily reflect my best writing. In 2018 I intend to define my niche a bit more and continue to hone my writing skills. Thank you to the companies that provided me with these items for allowing me to share my thoughts and opinions as well as build content.

Best Items of 2017

My most viewed posts do not necessarily reflect my favourite toys and products. The items listed below have become staples in my nightstand that I continue to reach for. Although I have not posted reviews for every item on this list I have also ensure that I have not included items that reviews will be coming in 2018.

Lube – A great water based lube and a great silicone based lube are something everyone should have on hand. This year I fell in love with Sliquid Silver & H2O.

Dildo – The Dodil is a truly unique product allowing you to shape it to suit your fancy. This is what has made it a staple.

Anal Toy – The Tantus Ryder has by far been the favourite anal toy I have in my collection.

Vibrator – We-Vibe provides high quality products that blow your mind. The Tango is the most reached for vibrator in my collection and has been since it has been received.

Top Item – My Njoy Purewand is the toy that reigns supreme on my favourites list. Whether you want to call it a wand or a dildo I don’t care – I can’t put it down. It has also taught me a lot about my body.

2018 Wish List 

I am constantly on the look out for new toys and products to try. Below are the top items I wish to obtain in 2018. Perhaps I need to set up a wishlist for others to contribute to purchasing these? 

Lube – I want to try out some more THC lubes and potions. I will have a review of one product coming out early next year but also want to try other brands. I have my eyes on Foria and Velvet Swing. As laws continue to change around these products I hope to see more availability

Dildo – There are so many dildos I want to add to my collect but if I were to start with one it would be the Tantus Echo. From the first time I saw it I have been wanting

Anal Toy – Njoy is amazing so a large sized Pure Plug is my next must have for anal toys. I also have my eyes on the B-Vibe rimming plug. 

Vibrator – I have just discovered how truly amazing We-Vibe products are. Yes I am a little late to the party! The rumbly vibes of the Rave are top of my wish list. A Tantus Rumble is next in line. 

Accessories – There are a few sexy accessories that I am looking to add to my collection such as Weal & Breech nipple clamps, an over the door swing kit, and a set of handcuff bangles.

Contraception – I am planning to go off of hormonal birth control this year so also want to try out different brands of condoms to find a favourite. There are Kimono’s and Sir Richard’s not just the common Durex and Trojan. 


Well this was a fun way for me to wrap up the year! Thank you for the last amazing year readers! I can’t wait to share 2018 with you!


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