We-Vibe Tango

Two weeks ago I posted my We-Vibe Sync review. This post is the second portion of the We-Vibe Sensations in Sync review. The Sensations in Sync collection contains a Sync partner vibe as well as a Tango bullet vibe.

The Tango is a sleek hard bullet vibe with a slanted tip allowing for rumbly pin point stimulation as well as broader stimulation. There are 4 consistent vibration levels and 4 patterns that are cycled through via the one button at the base of the toy. This power packed toy comes in pearl white with this kit but is available in pink and blue when purchased on its own. Packaging was discussed in my review for the Sync so I won’t revisit it here.

Both the charging magnets and the button are on one end of the Tango.

My Tango adventure didn’t begin well. After first use I charged my toy and the poor thing only grumbled at me and never turned on again. The Tango has a magnetic charger that attaches to its base where the button is. You need to position the toy correctly for the magnets to stay attached. I searched for trouble shooting advice such as charging it in a hanging position to keep the magnetic attached. I had hoped that maybe the toy had just not charged correctly but was left with a dead toy. We-Vibe’s customer service was wonderful. I was shipped a replacement quickly and the staff were great about it.

Wow! Within a few uses I knew this was the top bullet for me and truly put the others to shame. The vibrations were rumbly not buzzy and even the lowest setting was quite strong. I used the Tango on its own. I used it with other toys. I used it with a partner on its own and with other toys. Each and every time it was pleasurable and I was able to achieve an intense orgasm. The rumbly vibrations were great for clitoral stimulation as well as for any vulva stimulation.

The Tango has taught me a few things about my anatomy to further explore. When used with some other toys during one particular testing session I had dipped the tip into my vaginal opening to use some of the natural lube I was producing. The tip of the Tango managed to internally hit the right spot because there was a gush of fluid.

I also found an ideal marijuana strand for partnered use with the Tango. Lemon Kush was a perfect accompaniment resulting in quick powerful orgasms. I don’t often discuss getting stoned in my reviews but I found myself raving about this combination to my hubby repeatedly.

The Tango has found itself a permanent spot on top of my night stand and will be a toy I travel with. We-Vibe has a great reputation for great quality toys which makes it no surprise. If you prefer rumbly vibrations and want a small discreet toy that packs a powerful motor I suggest you buy the Tango.

My Sync in Sensations set was sent to me by We-Vibe in exchange for my honest opinion. You can purchase yours directly from We-Vibe or at many great retailers.


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