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I thought about this day, dreamed about this day for as long as I can remember. I opened my emails to a message from We-Vibe offering me a product to review. I have wanted a Sync and a Tango almost as long as I have been using toys and blogging so was thrilled to have a Sensations in Sync set coming my way! Sensations in Sync contains a coral coloured Sync, a pearl coloured Tango, a charging cord, and charging base. This is a way to bundle the purchase of two great toys and save a few bucks. You can buy the Sensations in Sync for around $225.00. The Sync runs about $200 and the Tango another $100 if purchased on their own.

When the package arrived in the mail I did a little dance and snapped a few pictures. The sturdy box is useful for storing a variety of your toys once the other bits are pulled out. Both toys are tucked in their own spot with a white background so the coral colour really pops. All the other bits are tucked under a colourful panel. I hate packaging waste but have used this box to store lube packets, chargers etc. in my nightstand.

This post is about the Sync and I will post my review on the Tango in the upcoming weeks. This post has been delayed several times as I have been waiting for the perfect chance to try it out at a bar or party. Sorry We-vibe but this just hasn’t happened.

The Sync is made of body safe silicone and has also hinges to allow for a custom fit.  The body has one smaller motor for g-spot stimulation and a larger one for clitoral stimulation. A charging base is provided that also holds on to the remote. It has a lid that allows you to charge it fairly discreetly. It could look like an air freshener on your dresser behind items but I wouldn’t leave it on the bathroom counter when nosy guests are over.

It takes some practice to adjust the toy to hit all the right spots but inserts comfortably. The toy will fit snugly for slight movement but after a short walk it does wiggle out of place. First use I was surprised at the strength of the motors, I had really been worried they would be weak. The internal motor wasn’t mind blowing and the external motor was good but working in combination they were great. The settings and customization really allow the user to find something that they like. The motors are not silent however – hence why I haven’t tested it in public!

The best testing session of the Sync was a date night at home. The test run before getting off at a bar or party. We set up the apps on our phones and my hubby was given control as we played video games. He changed the speed or setting every time I started losing the ability to get over the simplest of obstacles in our game. After a while I was worked up and ready for business. Penetration with the Sync wasn’t as pleasurable as anticipated. My anatomy with his anatomy just pushed it to the side. The internal motor didn’t stay on my g-spot so was ineffective. Despite the lovely lube I had produced we had added some water based lube but hubby found that it rubbed. We ended up removing the toy and proceeding without. The Sync was great foreplay. It was a great way to build things up over the course of the evening.

I also tested my Sync with a plug and I became insatiable and unable to hide my excitement. I was aware of so many sensations and was able to build myself up and get very aroused. I was not able to orgasm without additional pressure on the toy so it would be pressed harder against my clit. There may have also been a lot of grinding my goods into the couch or closing my legs while standing to intensify the sensations.

I will continue to use and strongly recommend the Sync for a great foreplay tool. It really allowed me to let my arousal build. This would be a great entry level toy for those first using toys together as it is not phallic shape. It would allow for a lot of teasing that could lead into a pleasurable night.

Thank you We-Vibe for providing me with the Sensations in Sync set for review!

Head over to We-Vibe to purchase direct online. We-Vibe’s products are also available at many fine retailers online and in store – visit we.vibe.com to search up retailers.

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