Satisfyer Pro 2 – Next Generation

Two weeks ago I posted my 1 year blogiversary post. I was excited because I have come a long way in my sex blogger journey. This week I wrap up my recent batch of Satisfyer reviews with the Pro 2 Next Generation. Of the first generation toys I reviewed the Pro 2 was my favourite. The shape of the head fit nicely around my clit, the shape of the handle fit comfortably in my hand, and it gave me great orgasms. I was able to learn the angle to reduce any overwhelming feelings that the Satisfyer can produce. I was excited to receive the next gen to review but was curious what changes would be made.

I unwrapped this toy and immediately placed it beside its predecessor. They look very similar with their rose gold colour, silicone white tip, and buttons. The control button is larger as it now has a + and – feature allowing the user to increase or decrease the intensity as needed. The opening of the tip is a similar shape but larger. Visually not a significant change.

After posting my review of the first gen I still reach for my Pro 2. I know what to expect from it. I have done several side by side comparisons and can say that the motor of the Next Gen is stronger. I often found myself on the highest setting but don’t find myself reaching the highest setting on the Next Gen as often. I think this can also be attributed to the shape of the tip. The Next Gen’s tip is a bit wider and gives me a better sensation. The protruding tip and angle are what make this toy my top pick. I need the toy to reach in through my labia to reach my clit. I don’t want to struggle to get it into place. The added + and – feature are truly what make the Next Gen the better model. The user can increase and decrease the toy to work themselves up into a frenzy or can quickly increase to orgasm faster. Personally I enjoy the two settings forward one step back approach to build the sensations slowly.

When writing my reviews for the Next Gen models I haven’t commented on partner use as of yet. The toys being used on you by a partner is generally the same as using it on yourself. The intense sensations are difficult for someone else to control however. The toys are also large enough that holding them in place between two moving bodies is difficult. Use during rear entry is the best for these toys but I found the sensations pull your attention away from the penetration.

I will keep both generations in my night stand and will continue to reach for them. I can imagine the sensation isn’t for everyone however. If I don’t allow my body to warm up a bit the orgasms can feel forced and are not fully enjoyed. I have toyed with the sensations to find what works for my body so can avoid these types of orgasms after practice.

Thank you Satisfyer for sending me these new models to check out!

A word about Satisfyer – Satisfyer also has a line of Partner Toys and have recently announced 3 upcoming models and a penis toy! Satisfyer is a great example of a company that has taken the opinions of reviews and improved their products. Satisfyer has just revamped their site allowing users to buy online. You can also find their products at many brick and mortar stores.

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