1st Blogiversary

It has been one year since I took the plunge and posted my first toy review. Today, November 8th marks the anniversary of my Lelo Ina review and the first of 15 reviews I have posted so far. It was the beginning of what has been both a difficult but also wonderful journey. Although my Twitter followers have risen and companies have trusted me to review their products I am still finding my voice. I need to continue to explore and develop my voice as well as hone my writing skills. I need to improve my networking skills and squash the anxiety that comes with interacting with other bloggers and companies.

Some of the fun plans for the next year include attending some events such as The Playground Conference in February. If you are attending please reach out and let’s meet to say hi! Or if you are anxious like myself and just want someone by your side – I am in! I plan to continue to reach out to more companies to form relationships. If you are reading this from a company and are interested in having a review written, sponsoring a giveaway or my attendance at Playground, or have another idea please reach out! If you are another blogger and want to collaborate I am also open to ideas as well!

I have some website overhaul that I would like to complete before January. I have been removing product reviews that are not sex related for example as I plan to restructure my categories. I am hoping to find a creative way to incorporate book, recipe, beauty products, and even travel reviews still. I am not sure what that looks like yet but am thinking only quarterly posts of each. That way I can focus on offering a toy review or two each month as well as some notebook pieces. I want to start increasing my branding and possibly start adding some affiliate links. I also have some exciting personal piece ideas. I will continue to share my body positive journey and I will be introducing some new features such as reviews with input from my husband. My body positive journey is a daily struggle and an update will be posted soon. I also have some We-Vibe product reviews coming up in the next few weeks!

Over the last year I have read the words of some amazing bloggers. I have learned new things, I have laughed, and sometimes I have cried. I encourage you to explore different bloggers because there is someone out there for everyone. Each blog I have visited offers its own personality and area of interest. Without them I wouldn’t have had the balls to finally start posting my toy reviews.

So thank you Twitter followers, my readers, the companies that send me stuff, and my supportive husband for the last year. I look forward to adding to this list in the next year!

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