My Sex Toy Story

When I was a teenager and exploring sex I ventured into Toronto and wandered through a large sex store. I was shy about discussing my preferences and the staff member was way too in my face so I bought a bottle of warming flavoured lube and was out the door. The product was disgusting and only a year or two ago did I learn it was awful for my body as well. I was still curious so I was the brave one of the bunch to host a sex toy party. My party was quite successful and I brought home a collection of items – a cyber skin vibrator, a g-spot wand, a metal bullet vibe, a bottle of medical grade lubricant, and a leopard print pillow to hide it all in. These were the contents of my first night stand so to speak. I moved away for college shortly after and that’s when I started trying them out.

The cyber skin vibrator was best used for rubbing against my clit. It didn’t feel great to use for thrusting and was too much effort. The weird g-spot vibe didn’t excite me either. The bullet on my clit was the favourite and I proudly told others that I had medical grade lube so it must be great!

I hosted another sex toy party and gathered a few more items such as the Dolfinger, a plastic bullet vibe, and a variety of Shunga lotions and potions. Again I wasn’t thrilled by my rather expensive toy purchases and didn’t think sex toys were of interest to me. I relied on my fingers during masturbation. I enjoyed the Shunga products such as massage oil and body powder – that was used more as dry shampoo or to combat chub rub. My collection of half used potion bottles continued to grow, although frequently forgotten about. Throughout college I accumulated a few other items such as a Fukuoku finger vibe. Occasionally, I would revisit some of them and be disappointed. Or I would introduce them to my partner and we would experiment with the item and move on to other things.

I tossed my toys into my trusty pillow and buried it in my bottom drawer. Forgotten about for a long while I learned about the importance of quality materials. The cyber skin had melted on to the plastic bullet vibe. Everything had a slightly oily feeling so I threw most of it out.

When my friends started getting married and bachelorettes were often these parties I wanted to participate so made small purchases such as lube. I have had some pelvic floor issues so also once purchased benwa balls.

In my late 20’s, after I had gotten married, I decided it was time to try some toys out again and felt that I had to make an educated decision. I also knew I was going to need to spend a bit more money than I had in the past. This led to my discovery of sex blogs and reviewers. I ended up purchasing a Lelo Ina and my love of toys was born. I loved that I was learning how my body responded to different sensations. I loved that I was having great orgasms and becoming much more comfortable with my body. This love is what led to this blog…

I am still learning about my body. I am still learning about sex toy materials. I hope to continue to share these learning experiences with you all through this blog!

This post was inspired by Red Hot Suz’s recent post My First Sex Toys & What I Should Have Bought Instead . Suz discusses her first two purchases and recommends what should have been purchased instead. It had me reflecting on my first toys and my journey to being a toy lover. Please head over and check out all the great content on her page.

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