Satisfyer Pro Penguin – Next Gen

Last week I posted my review of the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation and indicated that I would be posting two more Satisfyer reviews. These following reviews will be shorter than my Satisfyer 1 review as they will focus more on the traits of the toys in comparison to the previous models. This weeks’ review is on the Pro Penguin Next Generation. Check out my review of the first gen model here.

My largest criticisms of the first generation penguin was that the silicone tip popped off very easily and the toy didn’t hold up to the waterproof claim. The tip of the penguin is squarer than the other models and protrudes from the head of the toy. The first generation’s tip would fall off in use getting lost between labia or between sheets. It made cleaning of the toy a breeze but while in use it could be distracting. The waterproof claim has been criticized by many bloggers and was a large disappointment. Like those others after use in the bathtub my toy drowned. The water sucked the life right out of the toy and left it making a tick noise when turned on and the light flashing before nothing. To spend the roughly $79.00 on a toy that is going to die just isn’t worth it. They have a warranty but the inconvenience of returning and obtaining a replacement doesn’t make it worth it.

The old model was the most playful of the line with a bright pink body. The most visible update for the new model is the colour change. The black and white tuxedo colouring is more resembling of a real penguin with an added pink bow tie for a fun twist. The tip has kept the same square shape as above but is made of slightly firmer silicone. Another difference is there are now + and – buttons. These buttons are not a large difference to the eye but they are a great addition for use.

The update in the silicone of the tip is the best improvement in my opinion. The firmer tip is less flexible and it appears there is an added ridge to keep the tip in place. Before getting started I didn’t have to search for the tip in my drawer and not worrying about the tip popping off made it easier for me to enjoy since I didn’t have to go searching for the tip after play was disrupted.

When I was sent the toys for review the PR rep said “be sure, the new ones will solve the waterproof test”. The waterproof test is the bigger factor – if the toy doesn’t hold up to this claim, it would not be worth buying. I tested the claim on this model a few times. A few baths under hot water to wash the toy as well as some play time in the tub. After use I quickly dried the toy and ensured the magnetic points were dry. I was sure not to charge it until it had a chance to fully dry. The Next Gen is still swimming along without issue.

The Penguin does not give me mind blowing orgasms within minutes. It doesn’t give me multiple orgasms. The first generation made me come fairly quickly with first use. I was new to the suction technology but was able to orgasm though finding the sensations a bit overwhelming. I didn’t get to try it out many times before it died and that also means I wasn’t able to do a side by side comparison of the two. The Next Gen can make me orgasm but not quickly. I find the sensations overwhelming so it is a balance between settings to not feel over stimulated, the + and – buttons make this easier than with the last model. When used underwater the water softened the sensations when holding the tip slightly away from my clit. It allowed me to switch between settings to slowly work my body towards climax. The tub is not my typical masturbation location as it can be uncomfortable. I tend to move which led the toy to easily slipping out of place.

The Penguin is not a toy that will join my regular repertoire. It may be brought out from time to time but I will lean towards use of the Pro 2. The Next Gen model runs for around $99, roughly $20 more than the first generation. For those new to the suction technology I would suggest you save yourself the cash and start out with the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation for about $50. It will allow you to determine if the sensations are right for you. Or if you own another Satisfyer model and are looking to upgrade or just have a little more cash flow I would recommend the Pro 2 Next Generation rather than the Penguin, they are the same price point. Keep an eye out for my review for the Pro 2 Next Generation in the next week or two!

This toy was sent to me in exchange for my honest review by Satisfyer.

A word about Satisfyer… Satisfyer recently announced three new models including a couple’s toy, vibration combined with the suction, and g-spot stimulation combined with the suction. Keep an eye on their website for more information on these models! You can purchase their products at a wide range of retailers.



2 thoughts on “Satisfyer Pro Penguin – Next Gen

  1. Hi dear,

    “The Penguin does not give me mind blowing orgasms within minutes.”
    I don’t own the Penguin, but i have the Satisfyer Pro 2. And i agree… these toys are just mind blowing!

    I started with a Womanizer, but it went broken after a few months. So i started to look around and found the Satisfyer Toys. I own 3 of them now: The Satisfyer Pro 2, the 4 Couples and the G-Spot Rabbit. All of them really wonderful toys, affordable, quiet and handy.

    If you want, please check my experience with the Satisfyer Pro 2 at our blog:

    Best wishes and lots of “Ohhhhh….” from germany 😉


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