Satisfyer 1 Next Generation

Satisfyer has revamped their design and released a Next Generation of their products. Recently they have announced three new models as well. The company has taken the criticism of their users and hopefully improved upon them. The biggest being that the products were drowning. If a toys says it can be submersed in water – it needs to still work after being submersed in water. Satisfyer reached out to me offering me a few of these Next Generation models to review. This is the first of three posts reviewing these products and discusses the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation. The Satisyfer 1 is the only model I did not try of the first gen so I cannot offer comparative comments.

Satisfyer has maintained their simple branding throughout the Next Gen models. A picture of the toy with a grey and white bullseye background on the box with a plastic tray holding the toy inside. The Satisfyer 1 is one of the two models that require 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

The visible difference from the first gen is the colour update to the rose gold colour. The previous model was purple and this colour update brings the toy more in line with the rest of Satisfyer’s branding. The rose gold and white can be found throughout the others toys (excluding the penguin). The body of this model is a long teardrop shape with the battery compartment being in the base of the handle. The handle fits in my hand comfortably and allows me to easily access the buttons with my index finger. Another update to all the models is + and – buttons allowing the user to go backwards through the settings as well. The tip of this model has a round opening of firm silicone that protrudes from the body of the toy. This tip is more circular than the oval shape of the first generation Pro 2.


Based on the design of the toy I was excited to try this model as it was not one I had used before. I prefer the models that the tip sticks out a bit. I enjoy the ability to either increase the setting or decrease it. And I enjoyed the first generation toys. However this toy did absolutely nothing for me for the first few uses. I turned it on and was surprised by how gentle the motor was – so gentle I couldn’t feel much. I increased the setting and tried moving my labia different ways to see if it helped but it didn’t. After several sessions and disappointment I was ready to write my first negative review. But then it dawned on me that perhaps the batteries were duds. It happens and is a no brainer but I share it because I am sure it has happened to others as well. I don’t purchase name brand batteries for use with my toys. I have been told in the past by local sex toy staff not to. Dollar store batteries are sometimes shit.

New batteries – and bam there was the Satisfyer experience that I anticipated. The motor is not gentle. It is powerful and just like the other models the sensations are not for everyone. Each model requires a bit of adjusting the angle to hold it and which setting works best. At times I can find the stimulation too much and go back a setting thanks to the new + and – buttons. I was able to figure out use of this model pretty quickly as I found it comparable to my favorite model – the Pro 2. With the new batteries I was able to enjoy strong orgasms rather quickly. If I use the lower settings I can draw my masturbation sessions out a bit longer and introduce other toys for internal stimulation. As I mentioned this model I found comparable to the Pro 2 and I most likely will continue to use the Pro 2 as it is rechargeable. I do not keep batteries laying around and knowing how sad this toy is with crappy batteries I will try to avoid that disappointment again.  I personally will be keeping it as a travel toy. Packing it in my luggage is easy and there is no concern the toy will turn on if the batteries are removed. It is light weight and packs the same punch as my favorite model. I also won’t need to worry about whether I will be able to charge it at my destination.

Managing the settings is the key to enjoying the Satisfyer products. If I increase the sensations too quickly I can feel over stimulated or that the rest of my body is playing catch up. Using the lower settings to build on the sensations as I was ready produced the most pleasurable orgasms from the Satisfyer toys.

This is the least expensive Satisfyer model so I would encourage those that are curious to start here. For around $50 you will get a toy that is just as great as the companies more expensive models. This will give you a great introduction to the sensations without breaking the bank. First please buy new batteries 😉



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