The Dodil

The Dodil is a one of a kind toy that allows the user to mold the toy into whatever shape they fancy. Before I even received my toy I was excited. They were friendly to interact with and were willing to go above and beyond to ensure my Dodil experience was positive. Once I received the toy I knew this was going to be a different testing experience.

The Dodil is a very firm mold-able dildo with a firm core covered by a thin soft blue silicon layer. The light blue color is used throughout the branding of the thermos and the pamphlet. It comes with a thermos to fill with hot water in order to mold the toy, a thin plastic string to be used in molding it, and a pamphlet with basic information and instructions. I enjoyed the consistent branding and that there was minimal packaging. I would have loved to have seen more information on the materials used to make the toy discussed in this pamphlet.

I was quite surprised in the solidness of the toy. I have both firm and softer toys that I use for different purposes – my firm toys are steel or glass and are used for firm pressure on my g-spot while my softer toys are used for thrusting. The firmness stayed in my mind when thinking how to best shape it.

The Dodil requires preplanning. The user must fill the thermos with hot water, let the toy sit in it for 15-30 minutes, then proceed to shape the toy as desired. Running the toy under cool water helped the toy harden more quickly however it was an adjustment to learn how best to shape it. The first time I shaped it I just added a small curve resulting in a banana like shape as I was struggling to master managing the rate the toy hardens. I kept losing the shape I was going for. I knew I would need to better plan a testing session – I would need to ensure the toy was shaped to my liking before this session. I tried to make a spiral pattern but found the provided plastic didn’t quite stay in place, I needed to have a firmer hand with it. I re-added the curve for g-spot stimulation and I ended up making bulbous shapes to address how far inside my g-spot is. The possibilities are endless if you get the hang of shaping it!

The toy was shaped so it was time to get busy. The silicone has a bit of a grip to it so I added plenty of lube and inserted the first bulbous portion. The firmness was great, the angle hit my g-spot, and the remaining portion of the toy was easy to hold and maneuver to my liking. The firmness was everything I could have wanted. It was shaped to rub my g-spot with minimal difficulty and the firmness allowed me to keep the preferred amount of pressure with ease.

My biggest compliment is also my greatest criticism for this toy! Because any shape can be achieved it can suit anyone’s desires – however you need to know enough about what you like to shape the toy accordingly. As a reviewer I know a bit more than the average person on my anatomy so I was able to examine the sturdiness and know what shape would be a great first try. If I had been new to toys this would have been intimidating. Dodil also offers a variety of suggestions to help generate ideas for these people. This is a great toy for those who want to experience different shaped toys and enjoy the planning and anticipation of trying new things. It is a great toy for those who like variety and don’t want to invest in (or have no room to store) a collection of other toys.

The Dodil will not be the only toy in my collection but it will be something that will be used fairly often. I look forward to the planning and preparations of each change in shape. I look forward to the creation being part of the build up of each use, with and without my husband. I encourage you to purchase this toy if you are looking for something that can change as your understanding of your body changes and that is FUNctional (both fun and functional). Head on over to purchase yours here for 79 euros or about $116 CAD/$92 USD with free international shipping!

This toy was sent to me in exchange for my honest opinion by Dodil.

A word about Dodil – Dodil is a new Swedish company entering the sex toy industry with a unique product. As reviews continue to pour in about the product the company continues to strive to improve their product. Whether offering to send a new thermos out or interacting on twitter they are genuine, personable, and professional!

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