Fall Forecast

In Canada we have had scorching hot days with a few cool fall days here and there lately. October means that the cooler weather is coming but an evening curled up with someone, a blanket, and a glass of wine or tea is a perfect evening. It also means several big feast holidays and family events are around the corner. I am not excited for these feasts or events this year at all! I am very excited to start wearing my fall coats and boots however.

September was a good month for my blog. I was happy to wrap up my Stay Play Try & Fly series as well as launch My Body Positive Journey series. I published 2 toy reviews and was busy testing various products all month. Life got a bit hectic but I was able to get my Tantus Ryder review published to wrap up the month.

October will bring some more reviews. I am in editing stages of my review of The Dodil and am wrapping up testing a few other items! I plan to spread the posts out a bit so these should carry my through November. I will soon be reaching out to some more companies to obtain some more products to review so please let me know if you would like to work with me! November 8th will mark 1 year from the first sex toy review I posted, this would be a great time to sponsor a giveaway!

My Body Positive Journey series will have another installment around the end of the month. It will be more of a check in on how things are going as well as what is coming up next. This is a series that means a lot to me because it is so personal. At times it is a challenge to write because I am learning about myself each and every day on this journey. The steps take time to compound into more significant lessons and I don’t want to move too quickly. I have also been struggling with some mental health issues. Over the last two weeks I have been trying to focus on more self care strategies that support being healthy and body positive.

I previously have talked about some reviews with my husband’s input coming up. These reviews are taking more time than originally thought so I am trying to find some ways to reconfigure how I can present these to you. Should I write a piece about our testing process together and weave in comments on the products? Or do I find a way to structure it as a “his & hers” piece detailing each of our opinions as originally planned? He made some opinions very clear on an upcoming review product so keep an eye out for his two cents. He has also expressed interest in possibly doing some reviews of masturbatory sleeves. He wants to tell me his thoughts, let me write the piece, then edit together. Should be fun!

This weekend I am focusing on tidying up my apartment, snuggling with my hubby, and just taking in some quiet time! I hope all my readers have a great long weekend.

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