My Body Positive Journey

I have love handles and thick thighs. I have large breasts and a small ass. I have a loud laugh and a smart mouth. I also have lungs that work, a heart that beats, eyes that see and my body does many other amazing things. Over the last several years I have regained some weight and become quite negative towards my body. As someone who tells people to love themselves for who they are I need to walk the walk. My journey to be more body positive deserves more attention so why not write about it?

When life gets hectic it is often my self- care habits that are the first to go. Eating healthy, exercising, and tending to my mental health needs gets pushed to the side. Now that I have this blog I wanted to document my journey to accepting my body as it is. This does not mean I don’t plan to make changes, it means that I plan to put effort into what my body needs while being appreciative of my body.

This will be the first of a series documenting my journey. I have identified a few things that would be positive steps along the way that I will write about. Each step that I’ve identified has anxieties and insecurities to work through. I will share the highs and lows while working to each step. I hope sharing this journey will inspire even just one other person to take steps to being more body positive towards themselves.

Below is a quick rundown of the steps that I have made a part of my journey:

Taking numbers out of the equation

Our bodies are connected to a vast amount of numbers that shouldn’t skew how we see ourselves. Our weight, our clothing size, our age, how many steps to take, and how many calories to eat. These numbers are often thrust in our faces in a negative light. My first step is to start eliminating my negative thoughts on these numbers and spend that energy on things that make me feel good.

Underneath it all

Part of letting go of numbers in the previous step is finding clothing that makes me feel great about myself. I will never ditch the yoga pants and my husband’s t-shirts but finding some key pieces to modify my wardrobe will be a big boost. I will be arranging a lingerie fitting to learn more about selecting under garments suited to my body shape. This will be difficult for me as I struggle significantly with shopping and often cry in change rooms. The hubby said he’d like to see me in something lace….

52 Ways to Love Your Body

I love self-help books and strongly feel that just a few techniques that resonate with you can foster big changes in your life. I came across 52 Ways to Love Your Body by Kimber Simpkins. It features 52 suggestions for ways to start loving your body. Each week I will read one chapter and work on the suggestions within. When I have completed all chapters I will post a book review. I may post some notebook pieces during weeks that resonate with me.

Body Pride

I heard about Body Pride events offered at Good for Her by Caitlyn K Roberts from To Be a Slut quite some time ago. It sparked my interest but was something I could never do. Feeling great while fully clothed is awesome but feeling great naked would be a demonstration of great body positivity. I hope to culminate this journey by attending one of these events. The September event is way too close to commit to so I have reached out to see when the following session will be.

Welcome to my journey. Feel free to reach out to share your own journey. There are a variety of small steps I will be taking in addition to these three milestone steps, please reach out there is a portion of this you would be interested in partnering for. For example a Body Pride event could be arranged as a private event if there were enough participants. And hey, I would love some encouragement and moral support along the way.


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