Jopen Comet Key II

First and foremost this post was made possible by Little Switch Bitch and Betty’s Toy Box! I had been eyeing the previous model constructed of glass when I read about the newer version, so I was over the moon to find out I had won a giveaway hosted by Little Switch Bitch, provided by Betty’s Toy Box. Thank you both for a great toy to add to my collection.

When you first open your Comet Key II it comes in attractive packaging with a black pouch for storage. The box really is nice but is just tossed in the recycling at my house. With a big picture of the toy on the front – it gets buried to be exact so no one sees. The branding matches the color of the toy perfectly.  The toy itself is constructed of silicone and ABS plastic. It is not glass like the previous model but this model vibrates! The silicone portion feels nice and smooth and the plastic core provides firmness. The plastic handle has 1 button that turns the vibrator on and cycles through the seven settings. At first I thought it was just a brand decal but it is the key to the toy. This toy charges via magnets allowing it to be waterproof. I found the location of the charging magnets a bit tricky as the toy couldn’t sit close enough to my plug so it would roll enough for it to stop charging. I propped it up and it charged quickly from there.

First use wasn’t mind blowing to be honest. The toy requires some warm up and lube for easy insertion. That was taken care of however I felt there was still a drag on the silicone and it was uncomfortable to climax around. A little extra warm up and lube took care of this and I never experience it again. The curve of the toy allows for easy g-spot stimulation and was easy to maneuver in different ways. It was easy to do small or broad strokes as well as just use the vibrations as stimulation. It allowed you to modify your pressure easy and was light weight that it didn’t exhaust your hand.

I greatly enjoy the vibrations the Comet II offers but didn’t notice a large enough difference between the settings. I am relatively new to g-spot exploration and have not ever had a squirting experience and cannot say that this toy led to that new experience. I am still exploring this and will continue to use this toy to do so. I also tried the toy as a clitoral vibrator. It felt great once the proper angle was found was a great warm up activity. I was able to have satisfying orgasms using it on my clit.

I first came across the Comet shortly after I got my Njoy Purewand. They are both g-spot wands but offer unique experiences. The previous version of the comet was constructed of glass and the silicone portion. I would imagine the glass would provide a weightier option than the ABS plastic, even glass isn’t a match the weight of the Purewand.

Jopen, as a part of Cal Exotics,offer a wide range of good quality, body safe, affordable toys. The Comet Key II runs a customer around $100 and can be found at a range of online and brick and mortar stores. To purchase yours online please visit Betty’s Toy Box!


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