Stay, Play, Try, & Fly Pt. 4

Part 4 – Fly

My last review of Sunwing wasn’t pleasant. After very long delays in an airport and zero communication I was hesitant to travel with them again. We had travel vouchers to use however so we purposely chose a destination that was only a short flight, just in case we found ourselves in a similar situation.

Sunwing was perfectly pleasant to fly with this time. We had upgraded to extra leg room in advance for this flight and I selected our seats in advance. I made these upgrades online which was quite simple.  I also did some planning to ensure we had snacks and food to eat in the event we were waiting in an airport for an additional 5 hours. We were offered items for purchase but I refrained and ate the snacks I had brought. Due to the 2 hour bus ride after the flight it would have been great to have some meal options for purchase.

Staff upon check in & while in the air were pleasant and friendly. Our representative at the hotel was even more wonderful. Outside of the useless info session every company provides our rep was happy to answer all our questions and provided helpful suggestions of excursions. He also recognized us and said ola every time he saw us. This is always a personal touch that is appreciated.

On all trips I have also been greeted by a Sunwing rep when arriving at the hotel. They usually greet you, provide a welcome cocktail, and direct you to the lobby for check in. This is where they fell short this time. On our flight was a large wedding party who had private transportation and private check in as part of their package. Sunwing didn’t take in to account that others would also be arriving at the same time. We were greeted with a table of empty dirty glasses, no staff member to direct us, and then we were ignored until the entire wedding party had been checked in. Part of my package upgrade was also private check in and a welcome cocktail but we went without as the rep took care of the wedding party.  Having a separate rep to deal with the wedding party would have shown they really cared about our experience.

As with all travel companies Sunwing has a brief description of the resort and services on their website. I feel regular updates of this information to include more about the services and amenities of the resort would be helpful. It would be helpful to be able to research excursions, have an idea of menus, and ensure you are bringing appropriate attire for what the hotel has to offer. This information seems to be lacking on most companies websites and bulking up this info could help set Sunwing apart.

We have booked our three all-inclusive trips through Flight Centre and had a pleasant experience every time. I thoroughly research where I would like to go and decide on my destination before going in to book. This speeds along the process and simplifies things for the agent. We will continue to book through them for our all-inclusive needs. The only negative I find is that the reps don’t seem to have access to a lot excursion information. Many people would prefer to book these things and pay before going to avoid carrying large sums of cash or using their credit cards.

This wraps up the 2017 Stay, Play, Try, & Fly Series. We have already started talking about our next trip – where to go and what to try. Next year I might add a twist in and build in more sex toys and products that are great for travel. The majority of my posts have been sex toy related or surrounding sex topics so I had a bit of anxiety posting something so different.

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