Stay, Play, Try & Fly Pt. 3

Part 3 – Try

An exciting part of travelling for me is collecting new products that make travelling easier and more enjoyable. Travelling involves being smart about packing and minimizing any items not absolutely necessary. Two products that I tested on this trip are the Total Pillow and the Olympus Tough TG870 Camera. Check out my thoughts below:

The Olympus Tough TG870 is a great entry level camera for those wanting to document their travels and hobbies. We purchased this camera because it is waterproof and would be friendly to use on the beach with sand and water. I also wanted a camera that I could use for my blog.

The TG870 came in a typical cardboard box with a wrist strap, charging cord, battery, and info. Like most camera’s now, a case was not provided. We also couldn’t find a case in any of our local retailers. Setting the camera up was as easy as powering it on and pointing and shooting. This was a budget friendly option for waterproof cameras. It is not a budget friendly option for everyday use point & shoot cameras. We were able to find it on sale which provided us a good savings. We searched online for cases and most were unavailable or quite expensive. If you’re shelling out 350+ for a camera a case really should be included.

Camera (3)

I love the user friendly set up of this camera. Being able to take some great photos right away helps me feel like I made the right purchase. As I continue to use the camera I am able to learn new features at my own pace while still taking great photos. We had a few mishaps where someone took a photo for us and didn’t fully push down the button so a photo wasn’t taken. This was the only feature I would change. When the button is half pressed it gives a prep flash (I believe it is to help adjust your eyes), having this prep flash and a photo taken would be more user friendly in my opinion. I look forward to continuing to develop more photography skills and learning to use more features of this camera.

My husband and I are always looking for products that can be used in our daily lives but also make great travel companions. Travel can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools and multi-use is key!  We each purchased a Total Pillow in hopes of finding a great travel pillow. My husband spends a lot of time in a vehicle for work so finding something that he could also use at work was important.

Unlike other neck pillows the Total pillow is a circle that can be contorted into different shapes to be used in different ways. This flexibility is what made this product appealing to me. If you fold it in half it can be your typical neck support, twist it and tuck it behind your back for lumbar support, or place it as a ring on your tray to rest your face on to sleep.

I have taken this on 2 trips with me so far. During my first trip I hated it. I tried to use it as a traditional neck pillow by folding it in half and it was too big for my neck. I felt like I was lugging around an item that wasn’t going to be used. On our way home we had a 4 hour delay and when finally on the plane I ended up putting the Total Pillow on my tray and sleeping face down. If not for this, I would have thrown it out once we were home. My husband, who is much taller, had no problems using it as a regular neck pillow so didn’t understand my frustrations.

I brought it along on this trip for further testing. I tried to use the pillow in a variety of ways as suggested and if I couldn’t find a good use for it I was planning to leave it at the hotel. Folding the pillow in half and placing it on the side of my neck rather than the back of my neck was a great start. I was able to lean against the window with a supported head or just tilt my head and lay back in my seat to rest. I also used it on my tray to sleep facedown again. My husband had been experiencing some hip pain so he tried it out by twisting it and using it as lumbar support. It was also great to sit on when stuck in a hard chair in the airport. All of these different uses were great and I have come around to liking this product. My husband uses it at work since trying these various uses.

I recommend this product to those who want an affordable multi-use pillow, not those who want a neck pillow. It is available at As Seen on TV stores as well as Walmart for around $20. A great modification would be to keep the circular shape but add in a break so that it could be used as a neck pillow not doubled up.

What are your favorite travel items?

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