Sunday Summary # 3 – September is here!

September beginning is a sign of the changing seasons. It has begun getting darker earlier and cool mornings have crept their way in. Fall is just around the corner, which for me means more time indoors hiding from the cold weather. I hope many of you are out there enjoying this last long weekend of the summer. I hope tomorrow brings us some sunshine.

September is going to be a busy month for me. I am working on a variety of great things for the blog:

Stay, Play, Try & Fly – The final installments to this series will be posted this week. My thoughts on the Total Pillow, Olympus Tough TG870, and Sunwing will be shared. I hope to spice things up a bit next year and build in some different aspects for these posts. Perhaps a sex toy travelers toolkit to refine? Or a guide to having great sex while on vacation?

Body Positive Series – In the next couple weeks I will be starting a series documenting my journey to being more body positive towards myself. I am still working out some details but am hoping for it to be a 4 or 5 part series where I check in every few months. I will be posting an introductory post this month!

Reviews – I have received several items in the last week for reviewing and am expecting one more to arrive anytime. This means I have lots of testing to do in the next few weeks! I will have a review of the Jopen Comet Key II posted this month and am hoping to have one more review ready to post the last week of September. I have also picked up some new books that I intend to review later in the fall.

There are also a few surprises to share in the upcoming weeks!

I am trying to refine some things on my blog so there may be some changes coming as well. I want to continue to make this a space where I can share a variety of reviews and posts that also are enjoyed by the readers. I have been toying with the idea of adding some more structure to the schedule of my blog such as a book review once a quarter and some more recipe reviews. I enjoy the sex toy testing and writing so have been focusing more on that lately. Perhaps structuring things to spread content out would provide a better reading experience to you folks!

From the bottom of my heart thank YOU for taking the time to read my posts, like my tweets, and interact with me. I have had a few epic baby blogger failures lately so have been reminding myself that we all start somewhere! I am open to feedback and suggestions for content so please feel free to reach out to me! Even if just to say hello!


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