Stay, Play, Try, & Fly Pt. 2

Part 2 – Play

This year we decided to go on 2 full day excursions. Both were provided by Nexus Tours, a company offering excursions in a variety of vacation destinations.  For those unaware, Nexus Tours is part of Sunwing.  Both excursions were provided by Nexus Tours, which we had used in the past and had a positive experience.

Our first excursion was the Jeep Safari. We were picked up from our hotel around 8 am and made the trek to a lot where we jumped in our jeeps. I was expecting an open air jeep but it was just a small regular jeep. All the jeeps were standard so I knew I was a passenger for the day. We hit the road with a convoy of about 10 jeeps travelling through some small side streets and open country roads. We visited 3 farms overs the course of the day after a quick stop at a small garden/zoo area. We tasted a variety of fresh fruit and used the bathrooms. Surprise! No toilet paper! If you go on this excursion toss a roll in your backpack. I had read the same tip so thankfully had some on hand.  The first farm we were able to see how they farm some of their fruits and vegetables and how they raise some of their animals.  The second stop was another farm where we enjoyed a delicious lunch, rode horses, and could milk a cow. The last farm was a private homestead. There was a pond for swimming and lots of shade to relax in. We fed goats and chickens then walked through the owner’s home. It was amazing to see how little they live with and how materialistic we are. After the journey back to the lot we were back on the bus to be back to our resort before dinner.


If you are to do this excursion you will have a great day with great food. It was a fast paced day and we were exhausted by the time we were back to the resort. Remember to bring along a roll of toilet paper and some hand sanitizer! It was a long day in the sun so proper sun attire and lots of water are important as well. We were given water at lunch but I was happy to have brought my own in a small cooler bag.

The second excursion we chose was much more laid back. The Sun Cruise Catamaran was a full day excursion that offered 2 snorkelling stops, a dolphin show, as well as a lobster lunch. Again we were picked up around 8 where it was a quick drive to the marina. We all boarded the small catamarans and settled in for a day of cruising. The boats were smaller than anticipated. There was wide open nets to enjoy the sun and hard benches in the shade. Trying to balance between the two difficult as there wasn’t much space. Comfy seats would have made the boat much more enjoyable. We didn’t partake in the first snorkeling spot and chose to just relax on the boat. The water was beautiful and many people commented that there were lots of fish. A few people cut themselves on the coral. We were then on our way to the dolfinarium. This greatly excited me but I was also nervous as animals in captivity always brings ethics into conversation. We watched a 15 minute dolphin show and then had the option to swim with the dolphins. You were able to stand on a platform while the dolphin swam by allowing you to pet it and give it a high 5. You could pay for a photo and you could pay to hold the dolphin’s fins and swim a lap around the tank. I am so happy we paid the extra for the swim but the photo wasn’t great.  They only took one photo and were on to the next. This was a bit disappointing as when you are paying $10 for a picture you want it to be decent. The dolphinarium had a restaurant onsite that offered us a lunch of lobster or chicken, rice and veggies. We were then on our way to the second snorkelling location. My husband and I did swim for a bit at this stop. I don’t like the mask and goggles so we stayed near the boat but were still able to see several different types of fish. We then made our way back to the marina to be back to the resort by dinner time.

If you are in to beginners snorkeling or just sunbathing this would be a good excursion for you. If you are just interested in the dolphins I would advise you book the excursion to the dolphinarium.

The first snorkeling spot.

Nexus Tours has always provided a good variety of excursions with a variety of ways to book. We booked one when we booked our trip and one while on the flight. In the past I have booked directly on the Nexus website and you can also book directly with the rep at your hotel. The transportation is comfortable, the guides are friendly, and we have always had a fun time. I find that while on the excursions everything is about tips however. It is one thing to tip on your own accord but it is openly encouraged and seems expected by the locals. I understand that they are quite poor but the tour company should be paying them a fare wage for their services. A tour company charges the clients a hefty fee and in turn owes it to anyone helping them provide these services.

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