I am a vanilla chocolate twist ice cream while my hubby is pure vanilla. The comparison of ice cream to sexy-time preferences has been around for ages, so have relationships between people that have a vast range of different preferences. Love sometimes challenges us in ways that require compromise, patience, and understanding. My husband has always been supportive of my sexual exploration whether it be toys, lubes, or different techniques but I always felt not trying to include him wasn’t fair. I communicate many of my desires while respecting his boundaries and desires. I encourage him to try new things but sometimes we are just on opposite pages.

My toys and self-pleasuring allow me to try out some of the things he isn’t comfortable with. He is supportive of my reviewing, blogging, and writing. As a means of connection I was surprised to get a yes when I asked if he’d be interested in testing and reviewing some items with me to offer his perspective. He calls my Njoy Purewand  “silver surfer” and we tend to laugh very frequently during sex so I am sure it will be fun!

On a recent trip to Toronto he suggested we check out some of the sex shops I have wanted to visit. We checked out The Nookie Shop and spent some time discussing the different toys as we browsed. I explained to him some of the uses for the products and tried to explain a range of uses for each product. It was wonderful to be able to browse at our own pace but being able to engage and ask questions if need be. It was a very comfortable environment even for the hubby. He wasn’t sold on the masturbators or attending workshops but maybe one day.

While at The Nookie Shop as a first collaboration we picked up a Sliquid Naturals Lube Cube. 6 types of lube to try with each other as well as with toys. Involving him is exciting. I know the review project will happen at a slower pace than on my own but I am just happy to share the experience with him. We have set up a comparison chart to takes notes now just need to fit in some alone time to complete the testing! I am planning a surprise blow job one night next week to test out one of the Swirl flavors! Any reader favorites?

Our dialogue has opened up quite a bit about our sexual differences and we are both compromising for each other. He nicknames my toys and occasionally reaches over and pulls one out of my night stand while doing the deed. He asks about my new toys and upcoming projects. He was very excited when I told him I was starting to research subscription boxes to test and review for the blog. He eagerly sat down and discussed how exciting unboxing them could be. I shared my ideas of comparing a few. He has commented on my creativity many times when discussing my blog. I have some creative visions for a more personalized homepage that would be interactive and appealing to people who want to read the night stand posts as well as those that want to stick to the beauty product, recipe, and other reviews.

These chats make me feel loved and light up my heart because I am able to share my passions with him. They remind me why we make a great match. It also makes me gag a little because I am not sappy or romantic. It adds a new spark and allows us to reconnect when life gets busy.

I look forward to connecting more with him and posting the collaborative pieces. Keep an eye out for these in the near future.

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