Sunday Summary # 2

Managing all of life’s ups and downs has been difficult for me lately. I feel that things are finally coming together, start setting goals and investing more time in my self and blog. It feels great but then something else happens that sends me into a tailspin and my blog seems to be the first thing to suffer. I had signed up for the Summer 100 Challenge and disappeared once some other things were getting difficult. I am back and have started building my blog into my self-care routines. Maybe not multiple posts a week but I am aiming for a few posts a month to start. For those that have been reading – thank you for coming back! I have some exciting things to share with you.

One of my posts before ghosting was a Satisfyer 2 Giveaway! Check it out here as it runs until September 1st! I wish I had the spoons during the past few months to better promote this giveaway but I am sure it will find a good home. This giveaway has been a learning opportunity for me as I have been able to learn about some different tools out there such as Gleam. Learning to better use some of these tools will help better my blog!

This past week I posted my first review in nearly 2 months. I have been testing some items out and working on various pieces so it felt like a step in the right direction to get it posted. I spent an evening enjoying a glass of wine and writing my review based on my scribbled hand written note on the Cal Exotics – bull nosed nipple clamps. The next evening I spent some time taking photos. The next evening I edited and scheduled the post. Each activity was enjoyable and I continue to learn and grow for each item I review.

This week I have a Notebook piece being published about how my husband and I are different sexual beings but have been using my blog and reviewing to connect. We have been working on testing some products together which will also be nice to write the reviews together. I am just working on final edits so keep an eye out for it mid-week. The co-reviews will take a bit longer to be posted as hubby gets comfortable with voicing things.

I will have some reviews from my trip to Cuba to post shortly as well. These have previously been mentioned as my second Stay, Play, Try, & Fly series.  They are in the draft stages and need some more editing. It has been difficult to select images from the many I took as well! I plan to wait until all 4 posts are ready and then release them one at a time over a week. I have also participated in a mascara review panel & a Febreze review panel that I will post reviews of shortly. It has been a while since I included a review that wasn’t a sex toy!

My ongoing plans for the blog right now are to continue learning and posting content on a regular basis. Not overwhelming myself is key. Not dismissing the small behind the scenes actions will also help me better this blog. I need to hone my WordPress skills and I need to prepare to start approaching companies to request products to view. In the meantime it is just putting one foot in front of the other and making manageable changes.


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